Write articles and make a news presentation!

What we will work with:

  • Read articles
  • Watch and listen to news
  • Write your own articles
  • Make a news presentation in a group

People in your news presentation

  • News commentator
  • Reporter on the scene
  • Person to be interviewed
  • Weather man/woman
  • +?

What you can have in your presentation

  • Interview with a famous person
  • Sports event
  • Local news
  • International news
  • Economical news
  • Something dramatic (robbery, murder, war, accident,...)
  • Something positive (Granny 100 years old, success in school,...)
  • Weather


  • I want you to record your presentation and "hand it in"
  • Time: minimum 3min/person
  • You can have key words but I don't want you to read from a script
  • Everybody in the group should take an equally big part