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Introducing the new Ltl-Acorn 5310!

A versatile unit for scouting and surveillance! This OldBoys Outdoors™ Ltl Acorn 5310 12MP Cellular High-output No-glow Trail Camera has everything you’d ever want in a Trail Camera with features like high-quality 12MP photos, video capabilities, high-output no-glow infrared LEDs, and a time-lapse function. But that's not all this Trail Camera does. Thanks to an included MMS module, your pictures are instantly transmitted to your cellphone or email! You can even change the camera settings remotely, or text a command to have the camera take and return a picture live! It’s a perfect solution if you scout hunting land that is far away, or you just don’t feel like trudging through the woods.
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How To Set Up the OldBoys Outdoors 6210M Trail Camera

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