Incredible Inclined Planes

By Charlotte Hurley

Oh no! You need to move a piano from bottom to top what can you use? Read to find out!

You could use an inclined plane of course! An inclined plane is a simple machine that makes work and life easier .It only has one part which is a slanted surface, which is like a ramp. Inclined planes are used so much!People use inclined planes everyday. They help people get around and move stuff up and down. For example people in wheel chairs use ramps to get up and down. Roller coasters are also inclined planes too.One more example is a ski hill that many people use at snowy places like Vermont. Inclined planes are very,very useful. There are six simple machines and an inclined plane is one of them. So if you wanted to learn about the inclined planes than any other simple machine so you were in luck. Now you are an expert at inclined planes. Life would be much harder without inclined planes I said much, much harder. There are some examples bellow.

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