#TeamHarv Scouting Report

Week of February 22 - February 26

Life Principle of the Week

GIVING- to freely hand over or change possession

“We make a living by what we get, and a life by what we give” - Winston Churchill

The Week in Review

In Science, we spent this week learning about the force of friction and we tested the effect that friction can have on an object, specifically a car. We designed an experiment using a ramp and various surface samples from carpets, to hardwood floors, to cork! Your students then spent the next two days testing at least four different surfaces from a variety of heights. They tried to stop their car at various challenge points that were both long and short and ultimately we had a few groups get very close to the challenge lines! It was so much fun! Ask your students about friction!

In Social Studies, we are preparing for a debate next week! Students have been assigned an important figure from 1774 and have been preparing their "actor" for a debate next week. The actors will bring these legendary figures to life next week to debate real issues from the 1770s. Should we declare independence from Great Britain? How do we feel about the taxation? Our debate should be an exciting time and we are going to spend a few more days next week preparing to make sure we know our feelings about the issues.

On Deck: Science & Social Studies

Next week, we will look at the different forms of energy. From light to sound energy exists in many forms and we will learn more about those forms next week. In Social Studies, we will have our debate: Patriots vs. Loyalists

Boosterthon Fun Run!

Thank you again for supporting our school through the Austin's Boosterthon Fun Run!

This weekend we are issuing a special challenge. Visit funrun.com to see the bonus prize your child can earn simply by getting a pledge this weekend only.

And if you’re looking for an easy way to ask for a pledge, upload a photo of your student to funrun.com to personalize their own Student Star video. It’s a fun movie trailer starring your child! You can share it on email or social media to ask for a pledge.

Thank you again for helping our class.

Austin Intramurals

Basketball is up and running and has been such a fun experience for our kids!

- MONDAYS - 4th & 5th Grade Girls

- TUESDAYS - 5th Grade Boys

- THURSDAYS - 4th Grade Boys


Monday, February 22 - Girls Intramurals (3:00-4:30)

Tuesday, February 23 - 5th Grade Boys Intramurals (3:00-4:30)

Thursday, February 25 - Boosterthon Fun Run! (5th Grade Time TBD)

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