October News

Mrs. Wiggins' Class

October Calendar

Hello! Fall is here and we are in full swing of our rigorous third grade curriculum. Make sure to view our October calendar for test dates and classroom happenings. I attached the calendar to this email and sent home in your child's homework binder.

Staying In Touch with Technology

Fusion Page: http://bit.ly/1LWbJV3

EVERYTHING you need can be found here, from documents, to information, to pictures. Please visit when you have the chance! I update this often.

Class Instagram: mrs.wiggins3rdgrade

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Back To School Night

Please plan to come! This is my time to really explain how our classroom runs! The night only lasts from 6:30-7:30 and you are welcome to bring your child if you can't find child care. See you there!

Field Trip

Don't forget that our field trip is on October 6th. Please send your child to school on time with a bag lunch.

New Behavior Calendar

I will be switching up the look of your child's daily behavior report in their homework binder. Now that the students have transitioned to third grade and are aware of our expectations, we will no longer do the weekly (with 5 points a day) calendar.

Instead, students will have a monthly calendar. You will still be notified of their behavior choices daily by a sticker (great day), "/" (needed support), or "X" (difficult day). Look for this in their binder on the first day of October.

What I Need From You


-Check behavior nightly in your child's binder and initial

-Make sure homework was completed

-Make sure spelling words were studied

-Check, empty, and return Tuesday folders

Interims are coming home...

...on October 9th. Although report cards will have letter grades, interims will have:

-CN: consistent (A-B)

-NS: needs support (C+ and below)

What We're Learning This Month


-addition and subtraction with regrouping to 9,999

-comparing numbers using > < =

-place value of numbers up to the hundred thousands place

-rounding numbers up to 9,999 to the nearest 10, 100, 1,000

-ordering numbers from least to greatest

-counting money and making change up to $5.00

-reading and using numbers from a table



-syllables/compound words

-prefixes/suffixes/root words

-using reference material (online search engine, dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia)


-biography homework PROJECT


-water cycle


Social Studies:

-famous Americans (Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Kind, Marshall, Parks, Chavez)