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Playtech Strikes Deal With Warner Brothers

For those of you who don’t know, Playtech is the world’s largest Online Gambling software provider and has been leading the market for years now. Since Playtech’s beginnings they have been providing Online Gambling software to a number of different niches. Such as Sports betting, Fantasy Sports and most of all Online Casinos. Playtech is most famous for their work with online casinos and provide their software to some of the largest Online Casino brands in the world. However just because they are on top doesn’t mean that they can’t get better.

That being said Playtech has recently struck a deal with Warner Brothers allowing them to create Online Casinos software based off of the characters and movies produced by warner brothers. This gives Playtech the opportunity to create Slots and other traditional Casino games based on some of Warner Brothers more popular movies and characters. These characters and movies include, Superman and Man of Steel, Batman and The Green Lantern. But we might also see slots based on the Flash, Wonder Woman and the upcoming movie Suicide Squad. So look out for those new great slots to be hosted on the top Playtech Online Casinos!

How That Effects South African Online Casinos

Playtech’s deal with the warner brother’s film company will have a great effect on the online casino and online gambling industry within South Africa. For one the creation of new games for online casinos will definitely make the online casino industry in South Africa even more popular than before, it will be hard to not see a massive progress in the industry of online casinos South Africa. There will be more and more players that are signing up and wanting to play at online casinos in South Africa due to the release of new games that allow them to enjoy some of the largest super hero. With slots and games designed after heroes such as Batman and Superman it can be sure that more players will start to play at online casinos around the world and especially in South Africa where the super hero franchise is very popular. Heroes such as batman and superman are very popular around the world but their popularity is possibly greater in South Africa. Not one person that I have talked to has yet to say that they do not like a classical batman or superman hero movie produced by warner brothers Production Company. So like I said before it will be very easy for the industry of Online Casinos in South Africa to see a massive growth in the industry because of the new slots games and other forms of gambling games they are themed after the very popular super hero film franchise. Online casinos in South Africa will be sure to benefit from the deal that Playtech made with warner brothers studios. But it’s not just going to be the online casinos that are benefiting it will benefit the players from South Africa even more by providing them with new games to gamble on. Go South Africa!

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Vapes, Hookah's and Clouds!

So if your a human and you've lived on planet earth you've probably heard of vaporizers and hookah's. And if you live in Europe you've probably seen them all over, going off of personal experience, vaporizers are super popular in Europe. Actually smoking in general is more popular in Europe. In North America it's more frowned upon to smoke or vape, but in Europe it's almost part of the culture. Personally I think that vaporizers are a greater idea then smoking, they do the same thing which is give you a nicotine rush, but they don't give you the tar in you lungs. They also are cheaper to use and last longer than a pack of cigarettes. So if you were to ask me I would say that you should choose a vaporizer over cigarettes any day. Plus, who doesn't like a cloud?
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Mobile Online Gambling!

Online Gambling is one of the fastest expanding markets. With new casinos being opened all the time. There is more than enough selection when it comes to picking the right casino for you. However being able to Gamble on the go or be mobile is something that one should consider when picking the right casino for them.

Online Casinos that want to expand their business are starting to appeal to a more mobile customer. By converting their sites and making them mobile friendly, players can now play all their favorite games on the go, at the coffee shop or whenever you want. Some Casinos are now even offering apps that you can download to play offline. No longer needing an internet connection or to haul your laptop or computer around, players can find more time to do what they enjoy.
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2016 ICE Totally Gaming Conference will be bigger than ever!

Last year’s ICE Totally gaming conference was the largest gaming conference held and this year’s conference is predicted to be even bigger than last year’s conference. ICE totally gaming is one of the largest internet gambling conferences in the world. It is held annually in February, the last few conferences have been held in London and this year’s conference will also be held in London.

With last year’s record amount of attendants and vendors registering, it will be hard to top it this year. But ICE totally gaming has already received more registrations then last year by this point in time. Last year had a record attendance of 25,000 people and over 500 vendors that deal with every form of online gambling including Online Casinos, Poker, Sports Betting and Fantasy Sports betting. If this years has more attendants than last year and more vendors you can be sure that there will be a crazy amount of connections to be made in the industry and that attending this conference will not be a waste of your time. The conference is sure to push the online casino industry for the better, with connections and deals being made that benefit both the player and the casino. 2016 will be a great year for online gambling!

Accessing Online Casinos on Your Phone!

Online Casinos and Online Gambling sites alike are quickly overtaking their land based cousin or counterpart. Although when you think of gambling you may have your mind quickly bounce to the though a large Las Vegas Casino over a lesser known online casino. That does not mean that Online Casinos are less popular. In fact the growth of online casinos has become so great that within a few years the popularity of Online Casinos and online Gambling sites should have overwhelmed their physical counter parts. The legendary Las Vegas Casinos are never going to disappear from people minds when you think of casinos and gambling, just because of how popular they are. Even if it may be easier for people to gamble at home or on the go using the latest online casinos, there will still be nothing like visiting one of the many Las Vegas super casinos. The experience of gambling at a Las Vegas super casino is not just the gambling, it’s the flashy and glamor of it that appeals to the people that go there. Not only does las Vegas have gambling but it’s great for socializing, shopping and partying, with countless shows and clubs to keep you entertained all night long. But this article is not about partying as much as I wish I was. This article is about gambling and more specifically Mobile Online Gambling.

You see years ago online gambling wasn’t even heard of, with the world gambling only making people think of physical mortar and brick casinos or the slot machines you can sometimes find in clubs and bars around town. But ever since the internet became widely available there has been the presence of online gambling. However not until recently was online gambling and online casinos very popular, and there are many reasons for this. The largest reason is Legalization, you see the marketers of online casinos don’t really have to try and sell their product, as the product is so good that customers are already looking for it. So the main problem is not getting people to want it, but instead its getting it legalized. In several countries around the world there is no such thing as legal online gambling or legal online casinos. The countries for one reason or another have decided that online casinos and online gambling should be illegal for the people of their country to play on. Why? You may ask. Well to be honest I’m not fully sure. But I could take a poke at it if you would like.

Online Casinos and online gambling is illegal in countries around the world for several reasons. The main two reasons are because the country views online gambling and online casinos, or even just gambling as a bad thing. They could look at online casinos and online gambling the same way they look at over drinking and alcoholism. Which is not exactly a good way to look at gambling, especially if you think about the fact that gambling doesn’t hurt anyone other than your own wallet. And in lots of cases it doesn’t even hurt your own wallet it could make your wallet bust at the seams with money, so the fact that some countries are dumb enough to look at online casinos and online gambling as a bad thing related to being an alcoholic is something ridiculous. Online gambling and online casinos are a form of entertainment, just like videogames, movies and TV shows. There is nothing different from playing at an online casino and gambling real money then there is paying for an expansion pack in your favorite video game. Well actually there is one difference, at the online casino your money gets returned to you and sometimes you could even win millions of dollars. For this reason I would say that online casinos and online gambling are actually better for you than playing video games in which are highly addictive, and possible more so addictive than gambling. Not only that but the people who gamble are adult who are old enough and mature enough to know when enough is enough, the people who play video games can be younger than 6 years old, at that age you can get very addicted to video games and they can become a very unhealthy thing for you to do. With higher and higher obesity rates that last thing we need is more kids addicted to video games and the couch. I’m not hating on video games, in fact I like video games quite a bit, but what I am trying to say is that why is online gambling and online casinos illegal when they do the same or less harm than video games do. The reason is because some members of the governments in conservative countries that still have not legalized online gambling are not able to open their eyes and see that online gambling really does no harm to the people of their country or any harm at all actually. The second main reason why online gambling is illegal in a few countries around the world is that they are concerned that they will lose money. This is because that country may have a large tourist location that specializes on gambling and casinos. If this country were to legalize online gambling they definitely will notice a good amount of people turn to the online gambling and online casinos over their physical counterpart. But this is not going to cause the country to lose money, as all the people that choose online gambling over physical gambling will still be gambling and the country will still be collecting taxes on the gambling. So in reality there is nothing wrong with legalizing online gambling and actually there is more benefits to legalizing it than keeping it illegal in the country.

That being said in some cases it is still very hard to get online gambling and online casinos to be legalized in the country. For one case we can take a look at the united states of America and you will see that online gambling is legal on a federal level, this means that it is up too each individual state to decide on if online gambling and online casinos should be illegal or legal within that state. There is another factor other than the two listed above on why some of the states have decided not to legalize online casinos. That factor is powerful people that influence the government’s decisions. In this case the powerful person is Sheldon Adelson, the owner of a Las Vegas Casino, Sheldon Adelson is one of the richest men alive with over 30 billion dollars in net worth. Because he makes lots of his money off of las Vegas casinos you could imagine that he doesn’t want online casinos and online gambling to become very popular mainly because that would mean a loss of business for him. So Sheldon Adelson does pretty much everything is his power to keep them illegal, in 2015 he pushed the federal government to illegalize online gambling and online casinos on a federal level which was unsuccessful, but there is also a great chance that Sheldon Adelson is pushing the individual states to keep online casinos illegal. However none the less not all of his attempts were successful and some states still legalize online casinos.

This article so far has made it seem like the majority of the world doesn’t like online casinos and that they are illegal, but that would be false to say that. As the good majority of the world actually is ok will online casinos and in some cases they are very happy about having online casinos and other online gambling sites legalized. For instance all of Europe has legalized online casinos and to them online casinos are not a problem, rather they are a source of entertainment for the people and a source of tax revenues for the governments. It’s not just Europe that has legalized online casinos, several other countries allow online casinos, countries from all continents such as North America, Asia, Africa and South America. The majority of the world has legalized and is fine with online casinos within their country. This is why online casinos and online gambling sites are so easy to access, and as of recent advances in technology they are accessible virtually anywhere in the world.

Since the first iPhone came out in 2006, smart phones from both android and apple have become ever more popular. With more and more people using them the people behind online casinos and online gambling have realized that mobile phones are a new market for online gamblers. When the first mobile network was created allowing users of smart phones to access the internet the creators of online gambling quickly jumped on it and started to make their online casinos and online gambling sites more mobile friendly. Allowing slower devices such as at smart phone to access them, they reduced the graphics and made the site more orientated towards smart phone users. But now the capability of smart phones is so great that with our new 4G networks people can literally use online casinos and online gambling sites anywhere in the world. With capability to gamble in the middle of the ocean, on top of the highest mountain, or just simply in a comfortable chair in your nearest café. With all these possibilities the industry of online gambling is growing so much faster than anyone could have expected, and the limits of online casinos and mobile online gaming is only set by the limits of our technology. For those of you who are concerned that the cost of gambling using your data, don’t worry, as the mobile online casinos are optimized to use as little data as possible so that you don’t use it all. And for those of you who don’t have data or just simply don’t want to use it you can just download the online casinos applications and gamble on their application that often don’t require internet connection to use. So the world is getting more and more technologically advanced and as it does you can expect the people to become more and more in tune with it. They will become more reliant on technology for all their needs, not just online gambling ones.