Peek of the Week!

Ms. Welker's Class- Week 4 Edition

Volunteer Search


Construction Paper Sorters-we are in need for some volunteers to help sort construction paper by color. If you would like to help with this, please email me and let me know. I can send some packages of paper home with your student or you can come before/after school to pick some up. Thanks in advance!

Still in need of...

Room Mom-

Our class is in search of a room mom. If you would be interested in being our room mom, our class would greatly appreciate it! Room mom's help plan and organize class parties, field trips, and other events throughout the year! Please let me know if you are willing!

Book Clubs

The scholastic book club order for September has been placed. Once those books are delivered, I will pass them out to the students who ordered this time. Thank you so much for your purchase. Our class earned $25 in free books! Can't wait for those to come in!


In Reading, students used their schema to make different connections during read alouds. We discussed how to make text-to-text connections, text-to-self connections, and text-to-world connections. We also discussed how to sequence events from read alouds. We read the story of the Three Little Pigs and put the events in time order of how they were told in the story. We had many good actors/actresses that pretended to be the characters in the story as we retold the beloved fairy tale for our class audience. Students also used transition words: First, Next, Then, and Last to retell and sequence the order of events.

In Phonics/word study, we used our poem of the week: "Weather Ways" to highlight words we know as well as words that rhymed. We talked about beginning and ending sounds that we hear in words.

In Writer's Workshop, students got to sit in their "studios" to work on their own pieces of writing. We discussed how to organize and sequence the order of events that happens in stories so that they make sense to the reader. Students were encouraged to use the sequence transition words, first, next, then, and last in their own writing just like real authors do. We also met the author Peter Reynolds (on youtube) who wrote the book called: The Dot and discovered how he got the idea for his book that has become very famous in the literature world. We also made connections to how we can make our "mark" on the world and to sign and claim our does matter.

The Dot book with Peter Reynolds:

The Dot song:

Next week in ELA,

Students will be learning more about retelling a story by learning about the plot, problem, and solution that occur in books we read. Students will learn how to listen for each part of the word and break words down by hearing each syllable. Students will continue writing their own pieces of writing, but began to construct a problem/solution in their writing as well as sketching a quick picture to go with the events.

Home Challenge:

*use watercolor paint to make your mark and don't forget to sign it

*research more books by authors that you like

*play I spy with sight words

* students can retell or act out nursery rhymes/songs

*students can practice drawing characters from books

* use magnetic letters to build their name and other sight words

*place sight words around the house for them to see and read

*Play sight word splat

*words of art-allow students to write words with paint on paper/display

* visit the library for books they like to read

*parents can write notes and place them in their child's lunch box for a special surprise

* word hunt-go on a walk to record all the words that you see on your adventure

*play word games during family fun night


In Math, we read the book: Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews and created our own version of his book. Students worked in partner groups to create a page to go in our class book. Students had to brainstorm different ways that they could use a given amount of dots and be creative. Our Ten Black Dots book will be shared with others in our classroom library. We also discussed how to form our numbers correctly and write the name of the numbers.

Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews:

Next week, we will continue to focus on number patterns, reciting numbers forwards and backwards to 120, ten frames, learn how to subitize numbers by looking at the number arrangements, numbers on a number line, and began learning about addition and ways to represent numbers up to 20..


Ten Frame Flash card game:

Home challenge:

*create a family Ten Black Dot book

*Practice using Ten frames

*roll a dice and say the number quickly (great addition fact game too)

*use bingo stampers/dot stickers to dot a number pattern

*create a number line in your home and your child can "walk the line" as they recite the numbers

*math number flash cards

*practice writing numbers correctly on lined paper


In science, we've been studying the weather. Students have been taking turns being our meteorologist and reporting what the weather is like. In our science notebooks, students have been recording and watching the weather each day. Students are learning the different types/kinds of weather we have year round and looking for weather patterns. We read Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco and students were given a recipe to make their own thunder cake on a stormy day.

Thunder Cake read by the author:

How to make Thunder Cake:

More about the author of Thunder Cake:

Next week,

students will continue to watch the weather and learn more about clouds and precipitation.

Home Challenge:

*be a meteorologists and make predictions about the weather, graph the weather in the evening compared to the morning.

*students can recreate the experiments we did in class

*students can practice how to use a hand lens properly (view newspaper, or other smaller objects)

* practice putting on plastic gloves and taking them off

* go on a nature walk and look for signs of science (record in a notebook).

* research different types of scientist and what they do

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we discussed our school, our community, our local and national government. We also talked about who makes the rules, who follows them, and ways to be a good citizen. We created a Who's who at Wilder chart and identified staff members, their job title, and their role at our school.

Next week,

We will learn about heroes, patriotic customs/symbols, and freedom.

Home Challenge:

*create and post your household rules for the family to follow

*discuss rewards and consequences at home

* assign your child a job/chore to help others

* day challenge-find a way each day to help someone

* read books about community helpers/leaders

* visit the local library and talk to the librarian

News and upcoming events

Fundraiser catalog has started. Please remember that each item your child sells is a chance for them to win daily prizes at school, just complete and send in the sale ticket/coupon for each item they sell. Deadline for sales is September 25th.

September 25th-Hats on for Cancer (if your child donated $ for this great cause, they will be allowed to wear a hat on Friday)

Hats on for Cancer Parade on the day at school.

September 25th-progress reports go home in folders

Please check and sign your child's blue communication folder each and every day. On Fridays, students will have the chance to have "shoes off day" if their folder is signed by their parents each day.

School starts at 8:00, tardy slips are now being given at 8:01.

School ends at 3:25

All car riders need to remember their car rider color and number for dismissal. If you still need a car rider tag, please stop by the office to be issued one.

Lunch visitors for First Grade is on Wednesdays!

Lunch time is at 11:20-11:50

Please practice lunch numbers, special numbers, car rider numbers with your child

Don't get tripped up at school-practice tying those shoe laces! safety first :)