Clinical Capabilities

Damion Foster, Emily Yowell, Jaxson Shealy, Abby Weeden

Clinical Capabilities For Space

Clinical Capabilities for space explores the medical side of Space. This is the side where people will be getting ready for space travel! By this I mean where people in a station on earth do things that benefit to the astronauts.

While in space, it may seem like a great time, but there things that astronauts need to be careful of. What if someone breaks a leg while walking on the moon? What if someone needs surgery in space? How will they take care of it?

What We Learned

What would happen if we didn't have countermeasures?

Without countermeasures our bones and limbs would weaken, due to the lack of gravity to work against. They are there to keep astronauts healthy.

What are some of the biggest problems in space?

One problem is being weightless. Your body has no force to work against, making your muscles weaker. Astronauts are trying to solve this problem by working out everyday in space, but it still doesn't help much. Being weightless also causes a lot of blood volume causing astronauts to feel light-headed when they stand up.

What Do You do If You get Hurt In Space?

So you just broke a bone and you don't know what to do. You are millions of miles away from the station and you cant get healed. What you can do is get to the robotic hand that is probably in the space station and that robotic hand isn't any ordinary hand. This is the Surgery Hand, It will give you surgery if you need it. So Problem solved! At a station on earth when you come back you will have to take special medication to prevent bone loss.

How do they block out radiation?

Well they make a shield out of hydrogen to block it. But if they totally want to block it out they need a meter thick shield of hydrogen which costs lots of money.

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Questions we still have

What other ways does no gravity effect the body? How do they resolve the effects of it?

What happens if you get severely sick in space? Do they have a doctor on board?

Can you get paralyzed in space? If so what do you do?

Can you get sunburned in space? If so what happens?