Frankenstein vs. Jurassic Park

Similarities and Differences


The Protagonists in each story are the creators, Victor who created Frankenstein and Dr. Grant who was sent to help with the park. Victor only wanted to discover and create and ended up feeling a lot of remorse for his actions while Dr. Grant was basically dropped into the mess that was Jurassic Park and portrays more of a heroic character.

The Antagonists in each story are Frankenstein the monster and Hammond in Jurassic park. Frankenstein is a monster reanimated from old body parts and a spark while Hammond is the creator of the dinosaurs and did so out of greed. Frankenstein murders people and threatens people and Hammond created a major threat that also murders and threatens people.


Man vs. Himself

In Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein has two major Man vs. Himself conflicts. The first is the guilt of his creation and the actions that it had, while the second is his personal struggle with immorally creating life out of dead bodies. In Jurassic Park, the major Man vs. Himself conflict is Dr. Hammond finally admitting the fact that Jurassic Park is not safe.

Man vs. Society

In Frankenstein, the major Man vs. Society conflict comes from the monster’s (basically a man) realization that society does not like him. This hatred that developed throughout society fuels the monster to seek revenge throughout the story. In Jurassic Park, the major Man vs. Society conflict comes from Hammond’s unwillingness to accept that what he has done is a terrible thing. Hammond is against all the rest of the characters because they all believe that Hammond did a disservice to mankind.


Jurassic Park: Respecting Nature, Hammond thought he could recreate dinosaurs by twisting the laws of nature but ended up making a monster he couldn’t control

Frankenstein: Taking things too far, in Frankenstein Victor pushes the boundaries of science past their limitations.

Both: Selfish Ambition, this fuels both of the creators to create things that they believe will make themselves and society better. (themselves mostly)

Ending Scenes

Similarities: In both stories the makers attempt to stop the problem they made. Both parties end up escaping their problems (in Frankenstein this was a temporary escape). And lastly, In each story a lesson is taught about the dangers of messing with the balance of nature.

Differences: There were many differences in the two endings; In Frankenstein, victors aims to end his monster while in Jurassic Park the group runs from the problem. Also in Frankenstein the monster that was created ends up weeping for its maker’s death. Lastly, Hammond ends up staying alive while Victor dies.

The Quests

Walton- He never really provoked his specific quest but was really sucked into it. After picking up Frankenstein, Walton serves as the communicator of Frankenstein's life story through letters.

Frankenstein- His quest started with finding the meaning of life but eventually changed into killing the monster he had created. Fueled by revenge he eventually dies in the ice after telling his story to Walton.

Frankenstein's monster- The monster's quest began with his abandonment from his creator. Eventually tries to blend with society but is shunned because of his looks. Because of this he ends up hating his creator and begins the true quest of revenge for being created.

Dr. Hammond- Hammond's quest starts with creation. Hammond disregarded safety when building his multi-billion dollar park and only focused on profits. His quest heightens when things go crazy in his park and he eventually escapes the madness and admits defeat on the park.

Dr. Grant- Grant's quest only concerns survival. Invited to the park for research reasons, later sucked into the madness that is Jurassic Park, Grant's task is to keep others and himself alive. He succeeds and escapes the island with Dr. Hammond.