Paul Revere

Emily Wismer


As you all may know Paul Revere is very important to the Revolutionary war, but that is not all what happened in his whole life time. My three topics about Paul Revere are Paul Revere when he was young, Paul Revere and the midnight ride and Paul Reveres family life. And those are my three topics about Paul Revere that I will be giving you facts about.

His Early Life

If you are interested in Paul Reveres earlier life than I suggest you read on because everything in this paragraph is about his happy early life.

Some interesting facts about his early life are when Paul Revere was first born his parents almost named him Apollos Riviore after his fathers French name. Paul Revere was born on January 1, 1735 which is also the last week of the year of 1735, he also died in the year of 1818. If you were wondering how many sibling Paul Revere had he had 12 other siblings and was the third out of all of them. When Paul Revere was only 12 years old he began learning Silversmith trade. In my next paragraph I will be giving you facts about Paul Reveres Midnight ride.

The Midnight Ride

In this second paragraph I will be giving you interesting facts about Paul Revere and the Midnight Ride. If you were wondering where the Midnight Ride took place it took place in Lexington, Massachusetts. The Midnight ride was on the evening of April 18, 1775. Paul Revere was sent tomLexington to warn Samual Adams and John Handcock that the British troops were coming to arrest them. One hundred years later there was a poem about the Midnight Ride called " The many Rides of Paul Revere" was written and published. Paul Revere did not end up finishing his ride because British patrols arrested him for a couple nights in jail then after that he died.In my last paragraph I will be talking about Paul Revere and his family life as a kid and adult.

His Family Life

My last paragraph will be about Paul Revere and his wonderful life with his family. When Paul Revere was young he got married to Sara Orne in August of 1757. Paul Revere had a child named Deborah Revere who was born in 1778. Sara Orne used to have one child every two years. He also had three more daughters name Isanna Revere, Lucy Revere and Sarah Revere. He also had one son named Joseph Warren Revere. Sara Orne died of a sickness and Paul Revere got remarried to Racheal Walker.Those are some interesting facts about Paul Revere and his young happy Family Life.


I hope now you know how important Paul Revere was to everything, the revolutionary war, his family and more. My three topics about Paul Revere are hid family life, his young and happy early life and th Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. And those are my three topics I taught you about Paul Revere.


Remarried- To get married again.

Silver Smith- A person who make silver articles.

Siblings- Other family members.


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