The Effects of Microwaving Water

An Experiment by Faith Jones

How will microwaved water affect the growth of tulips?

If microwaved water is used to water tulips, then the growth of the tulips would be stunted because regular water is better for plant growth.


5 cups of tap water

5 cups of microwaved tap water


2 pots

1 ruler




1. Plant sunflowers in soil, in pots

2. Place in a window with easy access to sunlight

3. On Day 1, pour one cup of tap water into Pot A

4. Pour one cup of microwaved tap water into Pot B

5. Measure the height of the sunflowers with rulers, record

5. Repeat steps 3-5 each day for five days

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The experiment supported the hypothesis. Pot B, the pot in which there was microwaved tap water used, withered over the course of five days. Pot A, the pot with tap water, grew over the five days. To conduct a clearer experiment, various plants could be used. The experiment should continue to be performed over a long period of time. It might also be better to test the growth of plants with seeds rather than tulips that had already grown to see which would sprout and which would not. Overall, the experiment showed that microwaved water is not good for plant growth.