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Things to remember for the beginning of the school year:

Courier Delivery: If you have ordered multiple copies of a book (generally more than 5 copies or so) please expect your items to be delivered on your specific courier day. Anything more than 5 copies is generally to heavy for the bus drivers to carry. If you are unsure of your courier delivery day, please contact me.

Booking Multiple books: Multiple books are booked out by COPY, not as classroom sets. If you are looking to order more than one copy of a book, you must enter the amount in the "how many" spot on the ordering page. If you run into any difficulties with this please let us know.

Login Refresher: Usernames and passwords are generally first initial last name. An additional A or B may be at the end of the username if you have a popular name. The generic password for everyone is WSWHEBOCES (not case sensitive). Passwords cannot be changed. Having a generic password makes our pass-through streaming service run smoothly and avoids having to login multiple times on different websites.

Resource Lists: The resource lists for PK-12 have been updated with new multiple books. The Battle of the Books resource lists have been updated as well. We now have at least 30 copies of ALL titles used during the Battle of the Books. Please keep in mind that resource lists are easy to use and create and are a great way to keep materials organized.

Regents Review: 2014 regents review videos are available streamed online thanks to WCNY. This link can also be found on the library catalog login page.

New Booking Periods!

Multiple Books now have an extended booking period of 8 weeks! This 40 day book loan period will hopefully alleviate overdue notices and make the multiple book turn around period go smoother than it has in the past. As always, if you know that you are going to need a specific book for a longer than normal amount of time please contact us! We will try to extend the booking period to your needs.

Please keep in mind that the booking periods of other items are as follows-

DVD's : 10 days / 2 school weeks

Big Books : 15 days / 3 school weeks

Multiple Books : 40 days / 8 school weeks

Audio Books & Playaways : 15 days / 3 school weeks

Centered Learning Bags & Leveled Reading Kits : 40 days / 8 school weeks

Module Kits : 40 days / 8 school weeks

CD-Roms & Games : 15 days / 3 school weeks

Jackdaw Primary Resource Kits : 15 days / 3 school weeks

Traveling Revolutionary War Haversack Kits : 10 days / 2 school weeks

LEGO WeDo & LEGO Mindstorm Kits: 30 days / 6 school weeks

PBS Vital

In order for users to access the wonderful streaming materials available through PBS Vital, users must provide their school email address. We have found that the best way to access these materials easily is to simply add your school email address to your SNAP account. You can do so by adding your email under "my account" in the SNAP library catalog. Please see picture for further explanation.
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Pre-Kindergarten - Second Grade Module Kits!

The New York State ELA Curriculum for grades Pre-K-2 is made up of three components: the Listening and Learning strand and Skills strand (from the Core Knowledge Language Arts-New York Edition) and Guided Reading and Accountable Independent Reading.

The Listening and Learning strand lessons, comprised of teacher read-alouds, class discussion, vocabulary work, and extension activities, build on the research finding that students’ listening comprehension outpaces their reading comprehension throughout elementary school. These read-alouds and exercises are organized in 11 to 12 domains (units) per grade. Each domain is dedicated to a particular topic, and the class stays focused on that topic or theme for 10 to 15 days of instruction. The domains build on each other within and across grades.

The Skills strand teaches reading and writing. Children practice blending and segmenting using the sound spellings they have learned through a synthetic phonics approach. Handwriting, spelling, and the writing process are also presented in the Skills strand.

for more info on NYS ELA standards, checkout Engage NY.

We have made it easy to equip your classrooms with support sets for the New York State ELA Curriculum, Prek to 2nd Grade. Module kits for pre kindergarten include read aloud books that are recommended for implementation of the PreK curriculum. 18 read aloud are provided in each PreK kit.

We have created easy to use resource lists in the library catalog that put all of these below modules with the correct grade- this makes for easy viewing and booking! Lexile information is also available in the module kit annotations.

Kindergarten module kits are available for domains 1-12. Each module kit includes 10 read aloud support texts on different topics. The different domains are listed below. 1 kit for each domain available for booking.

Domain 1: Nursery Rhymes and Fables

Domain 2: The Five Senses

Domain 3: Stories

Domain 4: Plants

Domain 5: Farms

Domain 6: Native Americans

Domain 7: Kings and Queens

Domain 8: Seasons and Weather

Domain 9: Columbus and the Pilgrims

Domain 10: Colonial Towns and Townspeople

Domain 11: Taking Care of the Earth

Domain 12: Presidents and American Symbols

First grade module kits are available for domains 1-11. Each module kit includes 10 read aloud support texts on different topics. The different domains are listed below. 2 kits for each domain are available for booking.

Domain 1: Fables and Stories

Domain 2: Human Body

Domain 3: Different Lands Similar Stories

Domain 4: Early World Civilizations

Domain 5: Early American Civilizations

Domain 6: Astronomy

Domain 7: The History of the Earth

Domain 8: Animals and Habitats

Domain 9: Fairy Tales

Domain 10: A New Nation

Domain 11: Frontier Explorers

Second grade module kits are available for domains 1-9 & 11. Each module kit includes 10 read aloud support texts on different topics. The different domains are listed below. 2 kits for each domain are available for booking.

Domain 1: Fairy Tales and Tall Tales

Domain 2: Early Asian Civilizations

Domain 3: Ancient Greek Civilizations

Domain 4: Greek Myths

Domain 5: War of 1812

Domain 6: Cycles in Nature

Domain 7: Westward Expansion

Domain 8: Insects

Domain 9: Civil War

Domain 11: Immigration

New Material Highlight: Graphic Novels

We have added quite a few Graphic Novels to our collection over the past few months. Please check out this informational flyer about the new titles we have added.

Author Highlight: Gary Paulsen

Gary Paulsen is one of America's most popular writers for young people. Although he was never a dedicated student, Paulsen developed a passion for reading at an early age. After a librarian gave him a book to read — along with his own library card — he was hooked. He began spending hours alone in the basement of his apartment building, reading one book after another. Gary Paulsen titles are a staple of the WSWHE BOCES MutliMedia library collection. Ready more about what Gary Paulsen books we have.

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