I don't want to be a bad spy

Eyes of faith

You remember the story, right? 12 spies go into the Promised Land to scope out the situation. Joshua and Caleb come back saying, "Yes, this is it! There are some serious grapes here! Let's move forward, guys, God is with us!" But the 10 others are all doom and gloom: "We can't do this, they're giants, etc., etc."

I (Sarah) just can't help but think of this story as we go to our Promised Land in a few short days. As we spend these months preparing to move to Panama, there are many days when I am full of faith...but there are also moments when I am a "bad spy". The challenges seem daunting and I forget who my Father is--the One who parts the sea for us. But He is so faithful to remind me! I am confident that as we leave for Panama, He is giving us eyes of faith to see this country, these people, and how He loves them. We can't wait!

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Pray with us!

We are so excited to be leaving in just a few days!! We'll be in Panama from February 7-16. Pray with us that we will see the challenges as small, and the promises of God as abundant! Here are a few things on our hearts that you can also pray for:

-Where will we live? There are a few different communities that we hope to see and get a feel for. We also need to make the decision with our teammates whether we should spend a few months with them out where they live (more in the jungle).

-We want to start off on the right foot--humbly, coming to learn and serve. We look forward to spending time with some of the pastors and leaders we'll be working with, and of course our teammates.

-Rosie (11 months) will be traveling with us. Could you pray with us for health and safety, especially as we go out to the jungle? And maybe an extra angel or two? :) Violet will be in Williams Lake with our families.

-Pray that this isn't just a scouting trip, but that God is working in and through us even now to plant Kingdom seeds in Panama! And remember, as you pray and join us on this adventure, you are planting seeds too!

Thank you, dear friends. Stay tuned to hear the details!

Love, Sarah and Tony, Violet and Rosie