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Week of September 12, 2022

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Dear Oak Hills Staff,

We made it through the first week of school! It was truly joyful to welcome our students back. Your preparation and positive energy was clearly present. Students were grinning ear to ear. For those who were nervous or sad, many of you across the school leaned in to ease their nerves. Thank you so much for showing care to them and to our families who are reaching out for support.

The PTO Welcome Back Picnic was well attended. Families and students set up picnics next to the playground and around the big tree on the field. Many expressed gratitude to all of you and feel so welcome and excited for this year. I communicated we all share the same sentiment,.

This week, we kick off our first 5-day week (one of many). We also have Back to School Night on Thursday evening.

Pace yourself this week. Meetings start up again which include Care Team, IEP/eval planning meetings, Committees on Tuesday, and the collaboration meetings that you schedule weekly. Please reach out to Care team and admin if you need supports for yourself, students, and/or families.

Have a great week!



Back to School Night--Time and Format (New info underlined)

Thursday, September 15: Back to School Night. Indoor event.

K-1: 5:30-5:50

2-3: 6:00-6:20

4-5: 6:30-6:50


Admin, Counselor, Student Success Coach, ELD, PE, Music, SpEd, and support staff will be available in the gym and front hall for families to connect.

Please plan with your team about how to encourage attendance. We also know that not every family will be able to attend so consider how you will share the information with them. A syllabus is one component. Will your team consider putting a grade-level welcome video so that all families will have access to what you presented at BTSN? Could you create an FAQ sheet to support common questions for your grade level?

We would love to hear ideas about how to support families who do not speak English as a first language. If you have a family from last year or you know of a family who would benefit from an interpreter, please bring to Care Team and let's see what we can do for that family.

Schedule for Hearing Screenings (Thursday, 9/15)

Location: Portable 6 (Behind Alicia's ELD portable)

8:45 K: Burnett

8:55 K: Donnelly

9:05 K: Grover

9:15 1st: Caplan

9:25 1st : Guerra

9:35 1st: Brock

9:45 1st : Selby

9:55 2nd: Evans

10:05 2nd : Rennie

10:15 2nd : Rios

10:25 2nd : Perrigan

Please let Dawn Marie know if you hear from any parents that they do not want their child to have a screening. We will have more information and tags to hand out next week.

Oak Hills Staff--Updates and New Staff Bios

Meet Brenda Glenn (Nutrition Lead)

Hi, my name is Brenda Glenn, I’m the new kitchen lead at Oak Hills this year. In my seven years with BSD I’ve worked in 50 of our schools as a NS Rover, but Oak Hills is my favorite! I’m very happy to be here helping Char Foss feed our students. I look forward to meeting and working with you all.

Enrollment and Hiring Updates:

We will not be moving forward with hiring an additional teacher. This information has been shared with the SAM committee.

Social Worker Position Update

We put in a hire request for a candidate. HR offered two positions. The candidate has selected the Oak Hills/Terran Linda position! There will be a formal introduction next week.

2022-23 Staff Room Duty Sign Up

Please sign up for a month (by team)!

Evening Events and Supervision Sign-Up

Updated spreadsheet of evening events and supervision needs in 22-23. Certified staff need to sign up for 3 events, contractually. BTSN is one required event. Classified staff, you are welcome to join any of these events.

Oak Hills Emergency Drills

Important Dates

*September 13th: Fire Drill (9:10am

*September 16th: Lockdown Drill (1:35pm)

Fire Drill Protocols

Please see the attached document with information regarding Fire Drill Protocols.

Lockdown Drill Guidance from BSD Public Safety/Standard Response Protocol

"Locks, Lights, Out of Sight"


  • Move away from sight
  • Maintain silence
  • Do not open the door


  • Pull in students from hallway if possible
  • Lock the classroom door
  • Turn out the lights
  • Move away from signt
  • Maintain silence
  • Do not open the door
  • Prepare to evade or defend

LockdownDrill Guidance.pdf

Do The Drill!- Oregon School Resource Guide for Safety Planning

Why Are We Having a Lockdown Drill? (pre-teach tool for primary grades)

Items to add to your backpack:

  • Class List (printed by teacher)
  • Emergency Closure List (from Synergy; printed by office)
  • Emergency Contact Directory (from Synergy; printed by office)

If you are missing your red/green card, emergency backpack, or emergency bucket, please let me know so we can assemble one for you.

District Emergency Protocols

Beaverton School District Intranet offers descriptions of district protocols for emergency situations. We will send out links to these documents prior to each drill.

Library News from Ms. Larsen

Hello Wonderful Teachers,

Here is some Library News for the beginning of school!

K-2nd grades, please show your class where your red library tub is located for library book returns and please make sure your class has gone to the bathroom before library class.

3rd-5th grades - If you had absent students who didn’t check out their Chromebook, you are welcome to send them down during Open Library with their Chromebook or have them bring it to the next library class. Also make sure your students return their library books or bring a book to read to each library class. We will be reading more this year! Yay! No Chromebooks unless I request them before a class. Thanks so much!

Open Library Schedule - you may send responsible students two or three at a time, with books to return in hand if they have them, to the library during these times:

Days 1-4 , 1:15 - 2:15

Days 5-8, 9:00 - 10:00

I have added the Library Schedule to the Master Schedule Spreadsheet for your reference.


(Feel free to include any of the information below in your grade level newsletters.)

Library Rotation- We have an eight day Specials rotation this year. This means that your child’s library day changes. Students have been taught to return their library books as soon as they are finished with them and before their library day. We are checking in books daily.

Open Library - students will have access to the Library daily if they would like to return and check out more library books before their next library class. Your child will need to ask their teacher for permission to go to Open Library.

Check out the Library Website for more Library News!
Office of Equity and Inclusion Newsletter

Resources for the new school year from the Office of Equity and Inclusion Resources to share: Learning for Justice ; My Name, My Identity; Equity Literacy Institute; BSD Affinity Groups; Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15-October 15

Smore Subscription and Budget Updates (Repeat)

News from Dawn Marie: This year we have an exciting opportunity for all of you to use Smores for your classroom newsletters to families.The district contract means each of you can get a professional account for $25. So just email Dawn Marie and let her know you want to use some of your classroom funds for this great resource. The vibrant colors and diverse templates are just the tip of the iceberg! It's a dynamic way to reach your families in a new way this year. You can collaborate with others on your team as well.

And the news you have all been waiting for: how much money is available to support your work?

Classroom teachers, PE, Music are allocated $150. All other certified staff are allocated $75.

PTO will allocate additional funding, so please stay tuned for more information.

Innnovators Needed!

Thank you Ann Marie for stepping into the K-2 Innovator position!

There is a Canvas Trailblazer opportunity if anyone is interested.

Thanks to Ben Porter who will be our Seesaw Scout.

If you are interested, please click the button and let Thao and Erika know your interest. We can have one representative per position.

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2022-23 Oak Hills Staff Resources Digital Notebook

Important documents are organized in this notebook

Two Weeks at a Glance


*First Day for ALL Kinders

*Care Team Meeting 8:20-10am (SEL portable)


*Fire Drill (9:10AM)

*2:50-3:30pm Committee Kick Off Meeting in Gym


Happy birthday Ryan!

Happy birthday Brenda!


*Hearing Screening (K-2) Portable 6 (See schedule above)

*11am Kathleen Skidmore (Elementary Exec) Visit

*5:15-7pm Back to School Night


*Wear rainbow and/or Otter Pride apparel

*Lockdown Drill (1:25pm)


*Care Team Meeting 8:20-10am (SEL portable)


*2:45-3:30pm Staff Meeting


*7pm PTO meeting in person and zoom option available --need teacher rep


*10am-4pm Thao and Erika out of building for Principals Meeting

*Wear rainbow and/or Otter Pride apparel

*Student September birthday announcements during lunches


Monday, 9/26: Bus Evacuation Drill

Friday, 9/30: Live Assembly in Gym (K-2 and 3-5) --More details to come about schedule.

(20-25 minutes)

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Important Dates

Tuesday, September 13: Committee Meeting Kick-Off 2:50-3:30pm; Meet in Gym

Thursday, September 15: Vision Screening (postponed)

Thursday, September 15: Hearing Screen (K-2) See schedule above

Thursday, September 15: Back to School Night (indoor in-person event) 5:15-7pm

Friday, September 16 Lockdown Drill #1 (1:25PM)

Tuesday, September 20: Staff Meeting 2:50-3:30pm- Gym (Moving forward, staff meetings will be first Tuesday of each month)

Wednesday, September 21 PTO meeting 7pm (in-person and zoom option)

Monday, September 26 Bus Evacuation Drill

Tuesday, September 27 Committee/Leadership Meetings

Thursday, September 28 Picture Day

Friday, September 30 Assembly in Gym (1st session: K-2; 2nd session: 3-5)

Friday, October 14 NO SCHOOL--Staff Development Workday

Friday, October 21 Jog-A-Thon (One-day event)

Wednesday, November 2 Parent Teacher Conferences (3:30-7:30pm)

Thursday, November 3 No School for students/Parent-Teacher Conferences (7:30am-7:30pm)

Friday, November 4 No School for students/Comp day for Teachers due to conferences

September Birthdays!

Kirsten Yamada 9/4

Ryan Herd 9/14

Brenday Glenn 9/14

Karen McCarty 9/26

BSD Elementary Website

Landing page with information about curriculum, instruction, and assessment at each grade level. Please bookmark.

Thao Do-Gwilliam and Erika Hansen

We welcome you to call or text us.

Thao's cell: 503.481.9356

Erika's cell: 503.750.3542