Mrs.Myers' Weekly Newsletter

11/14/16 - 11/18/16

Notes from Mrs.Myers

Hello everyone!

We are gearing up for a week of rest and family time, but before we can get there, 4th grade will be very busy this week! A new social studies unit, finishing a writing piece, a new mentor text, and a "week of thanks" are all between us and a week of turkey! Please see below for a great deal of important announcements, and continue to help your kiddos stay engaged at home through this week!

  • Social Studies: 13 Original Colonies: We are starting a very demanding unit in social studies that covers the 13 original colonies. We will be doing this unit using hands-on centers, as well as mini-lessons! This will be much like the explorers unit, and with just as much information! This week you can expect nightly social studies homework, a technology-homework assignment, and a daily notes sheet for review! Please

  • Thanksgiving Reading Log: There is a special reading log for Thanksgiving week. It will come home on Monday. Please have your child use it to record his/her reading for the next 2 weeks. It is due the day we return from our fall break. Mrs.Amolo has let us know that these will not be accepted late and they must be returned the Monday following break for them to count. :)
  • Homework: As I mentioned at Open House, I check homework at random. The students know that it is the expectation that they complete all homework assigned each night because they will not know when I will be checking. If a student is missing homework twice in one week, it results in study hall. On Friday, I checked the word work homework assignment that was to be completed for review on Thursday night, and there were 20 students (out of 29) who either did not turn in the homework or did not follow the directions on the assignment. Because there are now large amounts of students not completing homework, I will be checking each piece this week and failure to return a signed Friday Folder, signed reading log, or homework assignment will immediately result in study hall until there is more consistency. This is NOT how I like to teach, but getting this close to the holidays, there has definitely been some "checking out" in the responsibility department! We need to remember to sprint all the way to the finish line!
  • Book Clubs: Please make sure that students are reading their book club books nightly! They are really seeming to enjoy them! These books were picked specifically based on level and area of need! I'm excited to meet with everyone again this week! :)
  • 100% Reading Logs: We had 100% of the reading logs turned in this week! Awesome job! :)
  • Science: Final Unit: The science grade book is ALMOST finished! We have one mini-unit remaining that I will be teaching along-side Mrs.Bradley (STEAM teacher) during word study and specials this week. The unit is on light- understanding the difference between transparent, translucent, and opaque, as well as reflection and refraction. Just like moon phases (which went spectacularly), this unit will wrap up on Friday! :)

One more full week until we get to spend a week resting and giving thanks for all we are blessed with! I am so glad that I get to count all 29 of the wonderful people that walk into my room Monday through Friday, as well as all of their parents who show so much support throughout the year! You guys rock- I am one lucky teacher!

Jordan Myers


ScienceCasts: 2016 Ends with Three Supermoons


Topics We Are Covering

Reading: Beginning Poetry Unit

Writing: Unguided Opinion Writing

Grammar: Review Week

Social Studies: 13 Original Colonies

Mentor Text: Crash by Jerry Spinelli

Math: Decomposing Fractions, Mixed Number and Improper Fraction Conversion

Science: Light Mini-Unit

Tests, Quizzes, Daily Grades

  • Comprehension Assessment (Time for Kids)


  • Light Test
  • Grammar Daily Grade
  • Opinion Writing #2 Due

A Week of Thanks!

This week, we will be doing a Week of Thanks! Students will be writing notes, cards, and letters to people of their choice on our list of thanks! We have a lot of things to be thankful for, and it's important to show that thanks! I will be giving the students special paper to complete their activities on so that they can be given out this week!

  • Thank a parent or family member
  • Thank a former teacher
  • Thank a specials teacher
  • Thank an administrator
  • Thank a custodian
  • Thank a clinic worker
  • Thank a media helper

Once students have completed FIVE of the thanks tasks and I have checked them, I will thank them by allowing them pajama day on Friday! :)

Letter from Ms. Thomas and Ms. Pugh (Counselors)

Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

We all share a common goal for our children to be safe and protected from all things harmful. Related to that goal, school counselors are required to present annual personal safety lessons designed to prevent sexual abuse. The Think First & Stay Safe™ program is a research-based program that teaches specific personal safety education by way of interactive classroom lessons, classroom posters, role playing, and corresponding activities. Think First & Stay Safe™ enables students to take an active and necessary role in protecting themselves from abuse and exploitation. A committee of professional school counselors reviewed the program and selected components that were developmentally appropriate for elementary students and developed lessons around those concepts.

Due to the importance of this topic, we want you to know when and how you may preview the materials and when we will be presenting this information to your child's class. Please contact us, to schedule a preview, or if you have any questions or concerns. The materials will be available for preview from December 5, 2016 to December 7, 2016. During the months of January-February, we will offer the sexual abuse prevention and safety lessons to all K-5 students.

If you prefer that your child not participate in the sexual abuse and safety prevention lessons, please write and sign a note indicating your preferences and send it to your child’s teacher or school counselor. As always, I am available to discuss any concerns you might have. Unless written documentation is received, your child will participate in the sexual abuse prevention and safety lessons.


Natalie Pugh Ashley Thomas
School Counselor (K-2) School Counselor (3-5)
(770) 736-3104 (770) 736-2078

From the Administration

The county does not maintain the special green spaces at Gwin Oaks, so it falls to us, the Gwin Oaks community of parents, to pitch in and keep these spaces usable and attractive.

Please join us for a work day on Saturday, December 3, from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm. Please bring your work gloves, spades, weed eaters and hedge trimmers. We know Saturdays are busy days, so we welcome you to drop in anytime between 8:00 and 12:00.

Class with the largest parent turn-out will earn a free pizza party!