8th Grade Update

Wredling Middle School - Hybrid

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Social Studies- U.S. History

We just started our Slavery and Civil War Unit. The compelling question for the Unit is "How should we remember the Civil War." Students will study the causes the causes of the war, the differences between the North and South and the effects of the Civil War. Analyzing credibility, bias, and reliability of multiples sources as they gather information to answer the compelling question. Students will present their argument in a written product.
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Patriot's Pen Essay

A worldwide, VFW sponsored youth essay competition. It gives students an opportunity to write essays expressing their views on the annual theme. This years them is, "What is Patriotism to Me?". If you are interested, please see the attached forms and turn in your essay to Mrs. Goettel

8th Grade Science

What is going on?

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 was a 'special day' in our seasons calendar. The Autumnal Equinox occurred at 8:13 AM this morning. We have all started working on investigating why the seasons occur on Earth. The students are graphing data, working through computer simulations, working with and creating physical models.
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All math teachers are encouraging students to check HAC frequently. Homework, formatives and assessment scores have been recorded and entered in HAC. If you see a blank or a zero be sure to complete the assignment and then email your teacher indicating that the missing assignment is now complete. Stay on top of your game! :)

8th Grade Math

We'll be Quizzing on CER Proofs of CONGRUENCE, using trans Formations , before Lesson 10.


Unit 1 Test is upcoming next week (week of August 28th).


Geometry students have started Unit 2: Angles and Parallel Lines. Students will be working over the next 2 -3 weeks learning about different types of angles that are formed by parallel lines and a transversal. Using algebra to find angle measures and constructing angles will also be practiced. Quiz next week....enjoy your weekend!

Language Arts

Students have been focused on all things theme: understanding theme, identifying theme, and writing about theme in literature. We will be in summative assessment mode before the end of the first quarter. Students should also be reading their independent choice novels; many have finished at least one book by now. Ask your students about what they are reading and what progress they've made towards their first quarter reading goal.

Lastly, 8th grade ELA has an opportunity to participate in a virtual presentation from YA author Joelle Charbonneau on October 6 and 7; more information is forthcoming next week!

Any questions, comments, and/or concerns, please address your student's ELA teacher, and thank you for your continued support! Mrs. Amadei, Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Ditsworth, Mr. Foulkes, Mrs. Herda, Ms. Leonard, Mrs. Stocker, Mrs. Van Sickle, and Mrs. White
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October 16th is the end of Quarter 1