Conflicts of China: Opium War

China and England began a trading relationship. China wanted nothing that England had to offer for trade so, England started paying with money for China's goods. After a little while, England started to become broke and started trading Opium. Chinese became addicted to the Opium and the Chinese emperor forbid the trading of Opium but it still kept finding its way in. In result England wins and are allowed to trade in China and control Hong Kong and The Treaty of Nanjing is created.
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Boxer Rebellion

After the creation of The Treaty foreigners came flooding in and the Chinese wanted to get rid of them which resulted in The Boxer Rebellion. The Chinese tried kicking them out by attacking them.The Chinese tried kicking them and failed because the Europeans had better weapons.
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China's Geography

China was made up of The Himalayas mountains, Deserts, Oceans & Plains. These isolating geographic features resulted in China being independent. China was very wanted for its natural resources. The isolation resulted China to become Ethnocentric.
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The Rape of Nanking

The Japanese needed natural resources. To get the natural resources they needed to get control over China. The Japanese attacked and mistreated the Chinese. The Japanese would rape, kill and or seriously injure the Chinese women and children. Thousands of Chinese civilians and disarmed combatants were murdered. Looting along with the rape went widespread.
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