Gifted & Talented Program

Shabrika Clark

Characteristics of Gifted & Talented Learners

There are several characteristics that identify gifted and talented children. These characteristics can range from:

-Rapid learner

-Extensive memory

-Large vocabulary

-Enjoys solving problems

-Self-taught reading and writing skills

-Enhanced Curiosity

-Puts ideas together that are not common

To repeat what others have said, requires education; to challenge it, requires brains. – Mary Pettibone Poole

Testing for Gifted Talented Learners

Prospective gifted & talented students have to first be identified by a teacher or staff member. The child then goes through a series of achievement tests (ie: Screening Assessments for Gifted Elementary Students, SAGES) and ability tests.
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Services for Gifted & Talented Learners

Teachers must be trained to recognize students with high abilities, and must come up with ways to keep these students stimulated. Also, gifted students are included in specialized programs where students are taught by gifted teachers. These teachers are trained to provide services to gifted and talented students based on theory, research, and high-quality classroom-based curriculum.
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Accommodations Used for Gifted & Talented Learners

Differentiated instruction should be offered to gifted & talented students just as accommodations are made for students with disabilities. Learning should be challenging, and teachers should be trained on how to include gifted students in regular instruction.