Using Fun-Size Academic Writing

January 11, 2016

Nancy Hudson - Literacy Specialist

3rd Grading Period Planning Chart for 4th Grade Teachers

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Writing Instructional Focus

District wide for STAAR 2015


  • 4.22A Spell words with more advanced orthographic patterns and rules (irregular plural, double consonants, other ways to spell sh)
  • 4.22B Spell base words and root words with affixes (-ion, -ment, -dis, pre-)
  • 4.22C Spell commonly used homophones (there, they're, their; two, too, to


  • Transitions
  • Strong leads and conclusions
  • Adding details

Comparing Narrative to Expository Writing

  • Difference
  • Statistically (# of 8's for PN compared to Expository)

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What is your campus focus? Before/After February 10?

What will YOUR plan be?

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Writing Resources

Using Fun-Sized Academic Writing for Serious Writing (Gretchen Bernabei)

  • Finding Kernel Essays for Narrative and Expository
  • Color It Up for Personal Narrative
  • Pitchforking
  • Gallery Walk

Expository Writing Samples Adapted from Fun-Size

  • Finding Kernel Essays on Expository Writing Mentor Text
  • Color It Up for Expository Mentor Text
  • Gallery Walk using Mentor Text

Using Other Craft Lessons from Fun-Size

  • Color It Up - Lesson 1 (Personal Narrative) pg. 14 - 15
  • Kernel Essay are throughout the book
  • Pitchforking - Lesson 35, pg. 82 - 83
  • Developing Sentence Variety - Lesson 72, pg. 162 - 163
  • Name and Renaming - Lesson 78, pg. 174 - 175

Resources from Professional Development

REMINDER: Download documents FIRST before you start typing in them.