Kurt Cobain

ADD, Bipolar, Addiction

We all know that Kurt Cobain was a pretty dark chap, and it's probably no surprise that he suffered from mental illnesses. Like many, he was unable to cope with the stress and toll of fame. He turned to drugs and alcohol, like many other people. 10 years after his death, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine studied his brain and finally concluded that his bipolar illness definitely contributed to his suicide. Many people knew that he was mentally ill, and he was offered drugs and help to deal with it. Cobain refused to get help or to take medicine, and the illness finally took its toll. Many people suffer from bipolar disease, and they have many different options to treat it, from medications to therapy. Cobain was offered these, but refused. His emotions definitely influenced his music, which attracted others who were going through tough times and dealing with the same problems. He became an icon of suicide and depression after his death, and while he was alive, attracted many with his dark mood, which contributed to his popularity.
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