School Newsletter -17 November 2022

Endeavour School - November 17, 2022

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Principal's Message

Good Afternoon Families, Caregivers and our Tamariki,

What a fabulous week we have had. I always feel grateful when we have been allowed the fortune to deliver on our planned events. So often this year, the weather has impacted us, so this week has brought a real smile to our team and of course our children.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I was delighted to see many of our families join us for the Tabloids and Athletics days, cheering on your children / grandchildren and giving them that extra bit of encouragement, while celebrating their efforts. I know they love having you along side them at these events. A further highlight from these days was the way in which our children accepted and approached the challenge. Whether the various Athletic disciplines are a strength or a struggle, the challenge still sits there for each individual and the way our children supported each other and courageously gave it their best attempt was to be admired. Thank you to Mr Castle and Miss Stanton for organising a fun, well balanced day. A little further below are some photos for you to enjoy.

Today is a casual clothes day in support of the Salvation Army's Christmas appeal. As a result we have seen a fine example of generosity and kindness. Here at school we often talk about filling ones bucket (it is a metaphor used to explain making someone feel good), and as you fill someone else's bucket you fill your own at the same time. Today was a great example of this. The donation of non perishable foods will bring plenty of relief and happiness to many families whom this time of year causes angst and only perpetuates their hardship. We are very grateful for the kindness shown, and what was clear to see, was how good it made each child feel when they gifted their parcel over. In a world that at times is hurried and operates in a breathless state, I am humbled and comforted by the willingness of our community to act with the same pace with being charitable.

The quote below sums it up well!

Warm Regards


In a hurry to be generous

"We're often in a hurry to finish.

Or in a hurry to close a sale.

What happens when we adopt the posture of being in a hurry to be generous? With resources or insight or access or kindness…

It's an interesting sort of impatience."

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Class Placements 2023

Over the coming weeks our team will be engaging in several conversations around the placement of children for next year.

The beauty of our Learning Hubs and co teaching models that operate within them are that our children are afforded the stability and relational connect for a period of more than one year from Years 3 - 6. The relationships they are able to forge with their teachers is critical as each teacher forms their own understanding of the children. This multi lens approach means that our children benefit from the various perspectives and understandings that are developed over time, which strengthens their overall development and progress as learners.

Therefore, for the large majority of our children in Years 3-5 will be staying in their current hub. Our Year 2 children are currently being carefully considered to which hub they will be placed in. There are several factors that are considered, however, please be assured that friendships are high on that list of ingredients.

On the Thursday 15th of December you will receive and an email from your child's 2023 Ako Teacher informing you of their class placement for next year.

Kind regards


Student Led Conferences

From Tuesday 6th December to Thursday 8th December we will be hosting our Student Led Conferences.

These evenings are a deliberate shift away from our current Parent Interviews that last for 15 minutes in an environment where the child is empowered to take charge and celebrate their learning with their whaanau, supporting a more relaxed and timely manner.

One of the goals of student-led conferences is to help students discover and understand their strengths, learning gaps, interests, values and personalities. It is an opportunity for students to show what they have learnt and celebrate it. These conferences are a key factor in enabling rich communication between all parties and are proven to be a strong motivation for learning.

We believe student-led conferences shift the focus back where it belongs – the learner.

Other benefits of the student-led conference for students are:

➡ Empowering students to make improvements and take charge of their learning through the goal setting process.

➡ Supports the strengthening of students’ skills in organisation, leadership and speaking.

➡ Enhances effective home-school partnership which supports student learning. (Biddluph et al., 2003).

➡ Develops a greater understanding, in parents, of the expectations for student learning.

➡ Allows parents to touch base with all the teachers that support their child's learning.

The structure of these conferences will look a little different to what you have experienced in the past.

  • Each conferences will last for up to 40 minutes (this reduces the time pressure that are typically placed on whaanau). Each Ako teacher can have 2 families booked in at once. An example is: LC 3 which has 4 teachers could have up to 8 children in them sharing their learning.
  • The children will lead the process, whether they are 5 or 10 years old and will be set up for success to do so.
  • The teachers who support your child will approach you throughout your conference to discuss your child's learning in the specific curriculum area of Reading, Writing or Mathematics.

Please note, it is critical you bring your child to this conference.

To make a booking please visit and use the code gkmfn to make your booking.

Many thanks


Key Dates:

Please see below the key dates for Term 4. These can also be found on our APP under the Calendar button.

  • Thursday 24 November - Grandparents/Whanaau Day
  • Wednesday 30 November - Year 5 & 6 Camp - Totara Springs
  • Sunday 4 December - Weetbix Triathlon
  • Thursday 8 December - Fairfield Cluster Athletics Day Years 4-6
  • Tuesday 13 December - Year 6 Leavers Dinner
  • Wednesday 14 December-Service Assembly
  • Thursday 15 December - End of Year Assembly
  • Friday 16 December - Last day of the school year

Our Term dates for 2023

Term 1 {1 Feb 2023-6 April 2023}

Term 2 {24 April 2023-30 June 2023}

Term 3 {17 July 2023-22 September 2023}

Term 4 {9 October 2023-12 December 2023}

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Book Fair

Book Week at Endeavour School

Don’t forget next week is Book Week! The theme for the book fair this year is ‘Paws for Books’. If you would like a photo of your pet displayed in the Book Fair please send a photo to to be printed so we can display it for you.

Below you will see opening times for the book fair and other exciting things happening during Book Week:

Book Fair opening times:

Tuesday 22nd November

8.30-9.00 am

3.00-3.30 pm

Wednesday 23rd November

8.30-9.00 am

3.00-3.30 pm

Thursday 24th November

Greats & Grands Morning 9.15 am

3.00-3.30 pm

Book Week Competitions/Dress up!

  • There will be competitions during the week in the School Library with prizes up for grabs!

  • Friday 25th November is a whole-school dress-up day where everyone is invited to dress as a favourite book character. There are prizes up for grabs for the best dressed.

Roving Story Tellers:

Lastly, thank you to the amazing student Librarians who are reading books to students in the Hakarimata and Hangawera teams next week. You have shown great leadership by choosing a favourite book to read to our younger students who are very excited to hear you read.

Classroom Adventures


Mrs Wells Literacy group has been exploring different types of healthy eating. Last week we had a taco party after reading the book "Dragons love tacos". We carefully cut up all our favourite salad things - like lettuce, cucumber and carrot. We cooked some mince and added mexican spices. The tacos tasted delicious!!!

LC1 Gymnastics

On Tuesday 15th November we were lucky enough to do gymnastics with The Gymnastic Academy. This was a great opportunity for our LC1 students to develop their gross motor skills and try a new sport which they all enjoyed.

Mrs Reddy


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Dear Parents

We have a lot of children experiencing Hayfever symptoms at the moment :

People may experience:

Nasal: congestion, loss of smell, redness, runny nose, post-nasal drip, sneezing, or stuffy nose

Eyes: itchiness, puffy eyes, redness, or watery eyes

Respiratory: breathing through the mouth or wheezing

Also common: cough, fatigue, headache, itching, phlegm, or throat irritation

Please medicate the children before they arrive at school. If you would like to keep

extra medication for your children at school eg eye drops please bring it into reception.

Thank you



Scholastic Book Club issue 8 is now open. This is the final issue for the year!

Book catalogues have been handed out to the students.

Closing date for school orders is Thursday 24th November 2022.

For an online version of the catalogue please click on link:

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Community Notices

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Gotta catch'em all!

Pokemon Club is back in session at Endeavour School! If you haven't heard yet, this club is a great place to introduce students who love everything Pokemon to learn how to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

Alvin & his wife Alicia (a Teacher Aide here at Endeavour) show the students how to play the game in a step by step format. They also learn about trading their cards with each other. Alvin gives them some variety throughout the sessions by introducing other Pokemon related games & activities.

The club is open to our current Year 5 & Year 6 students. Our next event is on Saturday, 26 November 2022. Spaces are limited, so be sure to contact Alvin to book in. For this next event, we are extending the invitation to any Year 4 students who are interested.

There is no cost to join the club & students don't need to have cards to join in. Alvin has supplies for the students to learn but if they have their own cards, they're welcome to bring them along to play with and/or trade with others. The club is a great way for students to learn about strategy games & how to improve their strategy skills. The club is also a great avenue for students to expand their social skills & make new friends.

If your child loves Pokemon, contact Alvin to be added to the club's mailing list or for more info and finer details for the next event email

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Soccer United Football Supplies is Hamilton’s newest soccer store – determined to meet all your soccer requirements. We are located at 137 Alexandra st (very close to Garden place). We hold heaps of kids boots, shinpads and footballs and other training equipment. We hold a lot of Northern United shorts and socks as well. If you do pop into the shop use the secret code ‘Mr Booth likes soccer more than rugby’ and get a discount off your purchase. Check us out online and facebook and we hope to see you soon.” 07 5950700

2022 Term Dates

Term Four: Monday 17th October 2022 - Friday 16th December 2022

Term One : Wednesday 1 February 2023