3rd class in the Caste system

3RD Class in Indian Society

The Vaishyas were also commoners. Many people from this class were merchants. They also could have land. They are cattle farmer, minor, officials, and artisans. They are below the Kshatriyas. They need to know language, proper wages, and how to operate a business.

What life would be like for Vaishyas

They can communicate or talk with the higher groups Kshatriyas, and the Brahmans. The Vaishyas can undergo the sacred ceremony Yahnopavita. They are very important to the other groups because they were the masters of trade. They had know the value of pearls, iron, gold, steel, bronze, coral.

Life continued

There is also subgroups to the Vaishyas. These Vaishyas have different jobs. The jobs are bakers, sheep herder, cowherders, agriculturalist, musicians, metal workers, and businessman.