Build Your Expert Persona!

with Angela Stalcup

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Year of Abundance Interview: July 25 [In your Inbox]

Have you ever heard of the buzz word ‘Expert Persona'? Wondering how you can develop your own ‘expert persona’ for your business??

A business is built by YOU so it’s important to get your personal branding down. Your business brand is usually developed through the expertise you’ve developed over the years. Mesh them together and you’ve got a great combination that can take over the world and bring business to you wherever you send it.

Meet Angela Stalcup, a marketing and strategy professional with 20 years of experience, and get ready to expose YOUR expert persona!!

On July 25th, we will reveal during our discussion with Angela, how to “Build Your Expert Persona”. Be sure to sign up now to get the details.

You will learn:

1. What is an expert persona, and why do I need this if I already have a business brand?

2. How do I determine my expert persona?

3. There are so many digital platforms and social media sites. How do I manage all of these outlets?

4. I’m not a writer. How can I create content?

5. I’m already busy building my business brand. Where do I find the time to create an expert persona?

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May Year of Abundance Expert Speaker

Angela Stalcup, Marketing and Communications Expert

Angela Stalcup is a marketing and strategy professional with 20 years of experience in marketing communications, strategic planning, business process improvement, and business development for small businesses and large corporations.

Since 2008, she has also been the Atlanta Market Owner for Ladies Who Launch, an online and in-person support community for women entrepreneurs with education, resources, and exposure opportunities for women-owned businesses from concept, to launch and beyond. In this role she has worked with over 1000 different women to support them in launching and growing businesses.

In 2012 she launched the Velvet Boot TM Business Advisory Program to focus specifically on the needs of owners of emerging and growing businesses to help them clarify their passions, overcome blocks, and deliver their business vision to the world. Additionally, in a nod to her own passion, Angela also launched The Curvy Entrepreneur TM , a program designed to address body image issues that impact women in business.

You can contact Angela at

Year of Abundance Expert Host

Sonaya Williams, Chief Business Builder

Sonaya is a Business Consultant on a mission to equip service professionals with technology to make their business day easier, systems that deliver a memorable customer experience, and support so you can create success on your own terms . She streamlines the way you do business with simply and easy tools.

Her clients range from solo-prenuers to franchise owners that are ready up their game and have a bigger impact on the world, without sacrificing their time. Sonaya's clients value both their work and life outside of their business with family and friends. They are committed and ready to learn new ways to improve their business.

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