Avoiding Scams

Stop Online Scams :(

Keep Away Online Scams!

Online scams trick people in giving their personal information or even sending money. And they always get their way. They defraud millions of people all around the world. Here I'm going to tell you ways into avoiding these horrible online scams.

Tips and Ways to Avoid Online Scams

Some ways and tips in avoiding these online scams are as follows:

  • - Know who you're dealing with. Try to find the seller's phone number or even search up the company name and website and look for reviews.
  • - Read your monthly statements. Scammers usually take someone's personal information and commits crimes with the information that's not even theirs but yours!
  • - Don't send money to someone you don't know. Not an online seller you've never heard of or a love interest who is asking for money.
  • - Don't reply to messages asking for personal or financial information. Those people are most likely scammers and are trying to trick you in giving your information to them.

Reporting Scams

Where to go if scammed?

The Federal Trade Commission helps you with any type of scams. They collect your complaints, businesses practices etc from the scam that you complained about.