Monica and Sarah Corporation

General Information:


678 Potamac Avenue, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, 17268

At the corner of Potomac and Maine

Contact Information:

Any of the owners of M & S are happy and willing to answer any questions you have about our business.

Monica Byers


Sarah Dant


Becca Clevenger


Business Hours:

Monday - Sunday: 8 A.M - 6 P.M

Some of our products:


One of our feature products is our set of designer clutches. Made from the highest quality materials, including leather, this product is high in demand around the fashion industry. Approximately 10 inches by 5 inches in size, our clutches are perfect to fit in the palm of your hand, literally. Our clutches come in a variety of designs, including shocking stripes, wild animal prints, and crazy stripes. There are also a variety of colors, from the traditional browns and blacks to the zany neons of the night scene.


$20 for all clutches, any size or design.


Another one of our feature products is our line of wristlets. These designer wristlets are made from the finest products, with an inch wide strap to fit comfortably around your wrist or hand. Approximately 11 inches by 6 inches in size, this product can fit both around your wrist and lower arm, but can still be held in the hand if the consumer chooses. Our wristlets also come in a variety of designs, from stripes to polka dots. This product also comes in a variety of colors to fit whichever style you prefer.


$20 for all wristlets, any size or design.


Yet another of our top products is our line of designer wallets. Made from the same fine materials as our clutches and wristlets, our wallets are the perfect option to carry your needed valuables. Approximately 10 inches by 5 inches in size, this product is just the right size to fit in your purse or handbag. Like all of our other products, our wallets also come in a variety of designs and patterns, including add-on bows and accessories. Color choices vary by the type of design you choose, but it is guaranteed that you will find something your will love.


$15 for all wallets, any size or design.

Purses / Handbags

Another of our top selling products is our purses / handbags. Made from our top line materials that we use for all of our products, our purses and handbags are something we guarantee you will love. Varying in size and design, our purses and handbags can be anywhere from 12 inches to 24 inches in length, 6 inches to 8 inches in width, and 8 inches to 12 inches in depth. Like the rest of our product line, our purses and handbags come in a variety of designs and patterns, reflecting the needs of the current fashion industry. Color choices will vary based on the type of purse or handbag you purchase, but it is guaranteed there is something you will love.


$35 for all purses, any size or design

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M & S was founded in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania by Monica Byers, Sarah Dant, and Becca Clevenger. Now located in the founding town, this company focuses on giving great fashion accessories to women everywhere. After its recent opening, M & S has been successful in selling its newly designed product line.