The Ririe Report


This Week:

Math - Division.

  • We will learn about division situations and models.
  • Divide by 1 and 2 digit divisors

Science - We will explore properties of light

Make-Up Work

Some of my students (this does not apply to students who had long-term absences) had a difficult time getting their work turned in in a timely manner. When work is not turned in, I enter a 50 in HAC with a note that the grade will be updated once the work has been turned in.

I think it is important that students keep track of their assignments and take responsibility for turning in their work, after all, next year they are going to have to do that for several teachers.

My policy has been to:

1. Let students come in in the morning (7:30) to finish work in my classroom. When planning to do this, it is helpful if the student eats breakfast at home so they don't spend the time in the cafeteria eating breakfast.

2. Have students use "Ketchup and Pickles" time on Fridays to make up work. I reserve the last 45 minute of class on Friday for students who have turned in all their work to pick (pickles) an activity or catch-up (ketchup) on work.

3. Post a list of assignments due and names of students (every Monday)

4. Give daily reminders.

Crazy Water Molecules

We talked about the difference between evaporation and condensation. Water molecules in the air collect on a cold surface (heat always travels towards cold remember?) and bond, that is why we get water on the outside of a cold class of water. Here we have some molecules acting it out.

Work and Play

SOAR Card Update

Starting this nine-week period, students will need to have 0 infractions in order to earn an E on the SOAR card. Please note the slight change that was made to 3-5 grades expectations (on the back of the card).

As always, SOAR cards go home on Fridays and students are asked to bring them back - signed by you - the following Monday.