Keep the work at scool

Chris Burdine

Negative Effects of Homework

Probably the most obvious negative effect is the stress homework can produce in both student and parent. Homework can be a major battleground between parent and child, and in such cases, it's hard to argue that it's worth it. There are other potential problems with homework:

  • homework demands can limit the time available to spend on other beneficial activities, such as sport and community involvement
  • too much homework can lead to students losing interest in the subject, or even in learning
  • parents can confuse students by using teaching methods different from those of their teachers
  • homework can widen social inequalities
  • homework may encourage cheating

Idea for the Future

Is there a way to get rid of homework that would still allow students to get in plenty of practice over the content learned? Yes. One way to do this is to extend the school day. By extending the school day by possibly an hour and a half, you could add on extra time to each class to allow more time for the teachers to let the students understand and practice the material. This extra time would take the place of homework.