Timberview Trees

By: Sarina Kaye and Claire Allison

Texas Red Oak Tree

Growth Rate: 30-75 ft. high

Climate: Southern Region

Life Span: Up to 400 years

Leaves: The leaf type is simple and the blade length is 4-8 in.

Flowers and fruit: It produces flowers and leaves

Production Method: The flowers open up and become pollinated. After the pollination, the red oak acorns grow and mature in only one season.


1) What organisms are dependent on the tree? Squirrels are dependent on the tree for acorns and for a shelter of some sort.

2) What are the limiting factors? The Texas weather, people around the trees, and the pollution plant right next to it.

3) What parasites affect the trees possible adaptations? Parasites that could affect the trees adaptations our pests, fungi, and tons of diseases.

4) What abiotic factors does the tree need to survive? The tree needs water, sunlight, correct soil, and temperature.

5) What short and long term effects the tree will have on timber views environment? It will provide oxygen for many years to come and they provide habitats for birds and other animals.

Southern Magnolia

Growth Rate: 24 inches per season

Climate: Southern Region

Life Span: 80-120 years

Leaves: 5-10" Dark Green, Simple, and Leathery feel

Flowers/Fruit: Cream White Flowers in the Summer and Bright Red Berries in the Fall

Reproduction- Asexually


What organisms are dependent on the tree? Small birds and sometimes squirrels are dependent on the Southern Magnolia.

What are some limiting factors? The very dry weather and drought in scorching heat from the sun plus, water sources, air pollution, children playing and hitting the tree.

What parasites effect it? Pathogens.

What are the possible adaptations? It can survive in very moderate heat weather and ration out water in roots.

What abiotic factors does it need to survive? Southern Magnolia's need water, soil, sunlight, and oxygen.

What are some short and long term affects it'll have on a TMS environment? Watering and food from students and fertilization, shade from the school building, and air pollution from the cement plant near the school.