※ Join the Roman Army ※


★ Benefits

◈ In both war and peacetime you will receive 225 - 300 denarii a year

◈ After your 20-25 years of service, you will have your choice of land or 3,000 denarii

◈ You will receive a Roman citizenship

◈ You will be respected by all Roman citizens

◈ If you get promoted you...

- will be exempt from many of the duties of an ordinary soldier

- will be paid more

- be able to have honorable discharge at the end of 20~25 year

★ Duties

◈ Fighting and training are main duties

◈ After being accepted and sworn in, you will be sent to your unit to begin training.

◈ Peace time duties : building or road making, make weapons, build bath house and a hospital; work in bakery, pottery, brewery.

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Laura Johnson 3rd period