-What a person in this career does in detail:

An explosives engineers Aka Blasters, are primarily responsible for breaking rock to make way for building as well as extracting minerals, metals, demolition, and fuels from the ground by digging a hole in the ground planting an explosive retreating a distance and triggering it to reach metals, minerals, etc.

-Why you chose this career

Because you get to make things explode and you get to build and mine different things.

-Experience/Skills needed:

Special training, discipline (no goofing off), and a steady hand.

-Education needed to obtain this career (Associate/Bachelor/Masters/SpecialSchooling):

High school diploma and special training.

-What branch of science most of this career falls under and why

Physical ,because explosives do with chemical reactions.

-Something you found interesting about the career

You can mine with explosives, Doctors use explosives, and you can shape dimaunds with explosives