Key Aspects Of A Phishing Email

1. Email address - check the email address to see if it is from the actual company.

2. Spelling - check for spelling mistakes and bad use of language.

3. Impersonal - if the email is a phishing email it won't mention your name it will say Dear Account Holder, not Dear Mr/Mrs Smith.

4. Attachments - sometimes you will be asked to open an email attachment these may contain spyware so don't open them.

5. Links - in a phishing email you will be sent a link that they will ask you to go to. That link will go to a website that looks like the company but isn't, they will record your information when you login so they can access your account.

Sometimes the links will be a false link that won't work like

6. Urgency - A phishing email would want to get your information as quick as possible so they can get access to your information they will usually say your account will expire if you don't do this in the next 24 hours.

Examples of Phishing Emails

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