Chew On This

The Good, the Bad, & the Sticky

Chewing Gum is Nothing New

Ancient Greeks were doing it, Swedish teens in 6500 BC too. Gum chewing, or resin chewing or chicle chewing or paraffin chewing has been around as long as people have been looking for something to occupy their jaws.

The first guy to realize there might be a way to make money by the chewing gum obsession was Maine's own John Curtis in 1848. Too bad he didn't think to patent his idea, it was dentist William F. Semple of Ohio who beat him too it in 1869. And the rest is history, from then on the race to create tastier, chewier and more satisfying gum was on.

Fun Facts

Americans spend over $3,500,000,000 each year on gum. That's a lot to chew on!

Bubblegum even made it into music business with hits like this, so-called "bubblegum pop" for its upbeat style and appeal to teens and tweens in the late 1960s.

Looking for a new job? The Queen of England advertised for a part-time cleaner in her Scottish palace last October and specified that job responsibilities included "the removal of chewing gum".

Bubble Gum Trivia

True or False

The Wrigley Company once sent free Wrigley's gum to every address listed in the phone book. ____

Americans, on average, chew over 2 lbs of gum each year.____

The first version of modern day bubble gum was pink because that was the only food dye color Walter Diemer had on hand when he was experimenting.____

The Guinness World Record for a gum wrapper chain is 76,216 ft long and consists of 1,762,233 gum wrappers, 3,524,466 links and weighs 1,037 lb.___

Chewing gum helps satisfy our cravings for a snack.___

The ingredients in gum are approved by the FDA for gum chewing only, not as food.___

Bubble gum and chewing gum are two different things.___

How Many Brands of Gum Can You Name?

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____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________


The Evolution of Chewing Gum by Beatrice Trum Hunter

Pop! The Invention of Bubble Gum by Meaghan McCarthy

Gum-sales Bubble Burst by Expanding Competition by Candice Choi

Wanted: A Right Royal Remover of Bubble Gum by Rebecca English