The Civil War

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The War Has Begun, and it's Starting at Fort Sumter

The Civil War has begun! Shots rang out on April 12, 1861 signaling the beginning to a war between Union and recently formed Confederacy. Confederate commander P. G. T. Beauregard laid siege to the Union held Fort Sumter, pounding the walls with cannon fire. The siege lasted for 34 hours until the Union surrendered due to a lack of preparation and being seriously outnumbered. Luckily nobody was hurt in the bombardment but Fort Sumter has been lost by the Union and the Confederacy is coming out swinging. What will happen next and who will come out on top. Only time will tell.

Georgia Burned

Sherman Burns Through Georgia

What a crazy couple of weeks that have gone by! General William T. Sherman of the Union finished his march across Georgia on December 21, 1864. From Atlanta to Savannah nothing is left standing! Sherman started his march through hostile territory at the recently captured city of Atlanta, he them marched the 300 miles to Savannah and captured the city leaving the Confederacy divided yet again. This will surely cripple the Confederate armies and weaken their morale. The end is in sight now all the Union has to do is not let it slip away.



Today is a day of mourning. A day of mourning for those who died on september 17, 1862. Antietam, as it is called, is probably the bloodiest single day of fighting that this country will ever experience. There were over 22,000 casualties on both sides after a single day! George McClellan and Robert E. Lee faced off by Antietam creek with over 131,000 soldiers engaged in the battle on both sides. A barrage of back and forth between the two armies left thousands dead, wounded, or missing. Even with no decisive winner the Union claims victory even though they could have done a much better job. The battle cost General McClellan his job and now the Confederates have been given time to regroup in Virginia. Let’s pray that we never see something like this again.


Battle at Gettysburg

One of the most ferocious and fierce battles took place recently on July 1, 1863. Lasting 3 days this battle has caused more bloodshed than even Antietam, although over a longer period of time. Culminating in over 50,000 casualties, this battle is sure to go down in the history books. Out of 165,000 soldiers about 1/3 of them were either wounded, captured, or dead. A showdown between George G. Meade and Robert E. Lee. Meade was trying to halt Lee’s advance into northern territory, and he succeeded. Meade was able to push back Lee’s army after 3 days of intense, tooth and nail fighting. Lincoln is set to give a speech at the dedication of the battlefield and we’ll all wait to hear his surely memorable words.



Vicksburg! The Union has taken Vicksburg effectively severing the Confederate control over the Mississippi river and cutting of the more western states from the rest of the Confederacy. With Ulysses S. Grant laying siege to the town for 47 days, starting on May 18th 1863 and ending July 4th, Ulysses captured about 30,000 Confederates commanded by John C. Pemberton. The Union has now established a bit of control over the Mississippi and will surely capitalize on this advantage. This is a huge success for the Union and will definitely shape the outcome of this war.

Confederacy Trade Routes Compromised

Fort Fisher Falls

Just this week Union forces took over Fort Fisher, the last fort that allowed the Confederacy to trade with the outside world. Beginning on January 12, 1865 and lasting 3 days, the second attack on Fort Fisher forced the Confederate fort to surrendered and cut off the Confederacy. The attack was headed by General Alfred Terry who took over for General James Butler after Butler’s failed attempt to take the fort. The attack ended with the fort and Wilmington being taken over. With the Confederacy being cut off from their supply lines they’re soon to fall.

Confederates Surrender!

Appomattox Forces Lee's Surrender!

Surrender! The great Confederate general Robert E. Lee surrendered to the Union on April 9, 1865. The general and his army were attempting to meet up with another one of the Confederate armies when the Union forces cut him off and encircled him. Lee tried to fight his way out, but when the whole of Grant’s army showed up Lee decided to surrender rather than throw away the lives of his men. With only 700 casualties the battle was over and Lee is in custody. This victory will surely bring about the end of the war.