Project 1- Thingiverse 3D Print

3D print #1


Makerbot desktop

Machine used

Makerbot Replicator 2

Why is this product of value?

most people with smartphones run into the same problem, our headphones get knotted into a rats nest so hard to untangle it would just be easier to buy new ones. This product is an efficient and compact way to hold multiple headphones.
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obstacles in the way of production

Some of the obstacles in my way was trying to scale the part to the correct size, the time on the build way much longer then it could have been because of the way we positioned the parts, and exporting the file to the SD card.

What were you proud of in this project? what was interesting? what did you learn?

I was proud of how the products turned out. I found it interesting how some machines printed better than others. I learned how to better position the parts to speed up production time.
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