Needed Cowboys

Work on Chisholm Trail

What you need.

To get this job you'd need to know how to ride a wild horse.

You have to capture wild horses to prove that you can handle this job.

These are the type of cattle you would drive north from texas.

What happens at this job.

Your mainly in the open range, but you have to go through a process called the Long Drive. Thats where you would drive the cattle up north so the can be shipped to places across the States. The open range is very large and it can be dangerous. Its hard work; you ride across Texas go through the Indian territory, then the Oklahoma territory, and end in Kansas. You have to move at least 2,000 to 5,000 cattle across the open range.

Benefits of this Job

This business is very big. You can get paid a lot depending on how hard you work.

Sonny & Letitia