Tiger Tales

February 2023

Stevenson Families,

BINGO was a huge hit! We had such a great turnout with nearly 500 people attending. We are grateful for our staff who led the event and for our PTO who funded all of the prizes and snacks.

It's Black History Month! See the artwork and photo below for student creations celebrating MLK. This month, we invite families to join students for lunch on February 6th. See the details bleow. Scholars will be engaging in a district-wide celebration and multiple learning activities.

We are looking forward to meeting with all of you for individual in-person family conferences. Teachers will hear any of your concerns, share how your students are shining as individuals, their academic growth, and any areas to work. Together, are students have great success. Thank you for your partnership!


Veronica Mathison

Stevenson Elementary Principal



February Dates

  • February 2nd-Fourth Grade Concert 6:00 pm at Fridley High School
  • February 6- Parent Engagement During Student Lunches, Conferences 4-7
  • February 8-Spring Picture Day
  • February 9-Conferences 4-8
  • February 13-PTO Meeting 5-6
  • February 16-Conferences 4-7
  • February 20-No School for Students

Book Fair!

Our Scholastic Book Fair will be here Febuary 6-10th!

Students are allowed to shop between 8:55-9:45 a.m & 3:15-3:45 p.m. and during Media class.

Parents are able to come shop with their students February 6th 4-7 p.m. & February 9th from 4-8 p.m.

You may send your child with cash at your own risk or use the QR code below to add money to their wallet!

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New Monthly Celebration: Stevenson Scholar of the Week

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2023 Fridley Public Schools Employee of the Month, Traci!

Congratulations to Traci Brauns, our January Employee of the Month, who works as a paraeducator at Stevenson Elementary.

“Traci is incredible at her job and is a game changer for the students she works with,” said Veronica Mathison, principal at Stevenson Elementary. “She knows what needs to be done, expresses it clearly, and finds ways to be more efficient and take on more each year.”

Mathison noted that Brauns shows integrity in her work, acting as a great role model to her students on how to participate in the world. Additionally, Brauns has a great sense of humor and helps students see the humor in a situation.

“Traci is able to balance all of the stressors and joys of being an elementary para with grace every day, while being fair and respectful to all students,” said Mathison. “She is truly an asset to Stevenson Elementary.”

Congratulations to Traci, on the well-deserved honor as Employee of the Month!

PTO Update

At January's PTO meeting we heard from Principal Mathison and how our students were having a great start to the new year! Thank you for all your help making the butter braid fundraiser and spirit wear distribution a success!

We were so excited to sponsor BINGO night and man was that an amazing turn out. Thank you so much to all of the staff who ran the event and 'Grandpa Doug' for coordinating all of our prizes. This is another example of what our fundraising goes towards.

The next big event is the school carnival. It's coming up this May and we could use your help! Volunteers are always needed, if you want to sign up to volunteer check out the link below. If you are unable to volunteer you can contribute by helping us find local companies willing to make donations. Both monetary donations and or donations of carnival supplies/basket raffle and silent auction items would be of great help! Email any leads or ideas to: pto.stevenson@gmail.com

Carnival Volunteer sign up link: tinyurl.com/stevensoncarnival

Join us for our monthly PTO meeting at RLS on Monday, February 13th at 5 p.m.

Amber D

PTO President


Stevenson Integrity Drawing Winners

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School Closing Information

Weather-Related Closures: Depending on the timing, the district will determine if we will have a snow day (no instruction) or e-learning (students learn from home). If we declare an e-learning day, you will receive instructions from your school.


If your child receives bussing from outside of the Fridley school district it is through a program called NW Suburban. This policy dictates that if the student's service district or magnet school is closed, CSTrans-MN will not provide transportation to the school or any other location on that day. This means if your home district closes for weather you will not receive bussing to Fridley on that day.

Tips to help students and staff stay healthy

The exponential rise in children’s respiratory illnesses resulting in hospitalizations from respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), influenza (flu) and influenza-like-illnesses (ILI) has placed an unprecedented strain on our hospitals and emergency departments (EDs).

As a result of this increase, Minnesota hospitals are receiving an overwhelming number of parents and guardians requesting notes from hospital staff, specifically in EDs. The increase in requests for these notes has placed an additional burden on an already strained system. If your district policy necessitates notes from medical providers for student absences, please consider asking parents to request these notes from a healthcare provider instead of going to the ED to get a note.

We continue to encourage school districts to promote basic public health measures including handwashing, covering your cough, staying home if sick, and promoting vaccination. Thank you for your continued leadership to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for students and staff.

Click Here for Stevenson Facebook Page

Please like our page and watch for posts celebrating our school and your children.

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  • School doors open at 8:55 am. Please do not drop students off early as there is no supervision. Thank you!

  • Please refrain from using cell phones in the drop-off and pick-up lanes to keep everyone safe and the line moving.

Stevenson Star Students!


Reminder: Vaccine available for children 5 to 11 years old

Governor Tim Walz announced that Minnesotans can schedule appointments for children ages 5-11 to receive an updated bivalent booster at state-run vaccination sites. The announcement follows updated recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that expanded the use of updated (bivalent) COVID-19 vaccines to children ages 5 through 11 years to protect them against newer Omicron variants.

Minnesota health care providers are ready to administer new COVID-19 booster shots for ages 5 and older that have been formulated to be more effective against the Omicron variants. Attached you will find high-level talking points on the Bivalent vaccine.

The Pfizer bivalent booster is now available for people 5 and older and the Moderna bivalent vaccine is now available for people 6 and older.Both products can be given as soon as two months after a primary vaccine series or booster vaccination. Children 5-11 receive a smaller dose than people age 12 and older. The bivalent vaccines are only recommended for use as a booster.

The updated COVID-19 boosters can both help restore protection that has decreased since previous vaccination and provide broader protection against newer variants. The COVID-19 vaccines and the updated booster are safe and help protect people from getting very sick with COVID-19. Even if you’ve already had COVID-19, you should get vaccinated.

State-Run Vaccination Sites

Vaccination will start this week at the state-run vaccination sites at Mall of America, Duluth, Moorhead, Rochester, and St. Paul. Parents can start making appointments now.

All state-run vaccination sites will offer the Pfizer bivalent boosters. Appointments are recommended but walk ins will be accepted.

Where to get a bivalent booster

  • There are several options for where to get a bivalent booster.
    • Check with your regular health care provider or local pharmacy to see if appointments are available.
    • Minnesotans can make appointments at the state-run vaccination sites now: State Run Sites
    • Use the state’s Find Vaccine Locations map to find vaccine providers near you—providers will update their information as appointments are available.
    • Check for vaccine appointments at Vaccines.gov, where you can search for appointments by vaccine type (e.g., Pfizer).
    • Watch for vaccination clinics being offered at other community locations around Minnesota.
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RLS is again partnering with Every Meal in a FREE weekend food program. This program is open to everyone and you can opt out at any time. Please fill out the Every Meal Form or use the QR code below. You can also contact our school social worker, Cait Ostman, at 763.502.5310 or caitlin.ostman@fridley.k12.mn.us if you are interested or if you have any questions.


We want to have a happy and healthy learning environment for our students. With the increasing concerns of illness prevention for both students and staff, please DO NOT send your child if he or she:

· Has a fever of 100 degrees or more during the previous evening, night or in the morning. Remain home until free of fever for 24 hours without medication

· **Has vomited, had diarrhea during the night or in the morning. Needs to stay home for 24 hours after last episode

· **Has a rash that may be caused by a disease, or if the cause is unknown, check with your family physician before coming to school to make sure not contagious

· **Has eyes that are red and have drainage and/or crusty eye lashes in the morning

· Persistent cough

· Thick, continuous nasal drainage

· Open, draining sores if not able to keep covered

· Live head lice. May come to school after treatment

Remember, children with an infectious illness are contagious before symptoms appear and they can also spread the illness when they are in contact with others in the family or community, not just at school. Always encourage good hand washing and covering your cough or sneeze as well as healthy habits of good nutrition, adequate sleep and exercise.

Please know that your child’s teacher can be available via phone and/or email during a time of prolonged illness.

Thank you for your help towards greater health!

Fridley School District

School Hours for 2022-2023

Student arrival begins 8:55 a.m.

Free breakfast will be served in classrooms 8:55 a.m. - 9:10 a.m.

School day starts at 9:10 a.m.

(Students entering after 9:10 will be marked tardy.)

Dismissal is 3:45 p.m.

School Calendar

See the Full District Calender: here

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Strengthen Our Community by Volunteering!

What better way to get to know your school than to volunteer!

There are always opportunities at Stevenson with field trips, classroom teacher projects, Parent Teacher Organization, and school events to help our school.

All Volunteers must fill out the volunteer application and clear a background check through human resources. All information is confidential and at no cost to our volunteers.

We highly suggest adults complete the volunteer process at the beginning of the year to be ready at a moments notice for any event!

Please note-If you were approved and volunteered last year, you are clear to volunteer this year.


Winter Weather Reminders

The Fridley Transportation Department would like to share a few winter weather reminders with you

· Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the winter weather.

· Your child is required to be at the scheduled stop 5 minutes prior to bus pick-up time.

· If the bus is more than 10 minutes late, your child should go home and call the assigned bus company (see below).

· Information about late busses is communicated through our messenger program, so please make sure that your contact information is accurate on the Parent Portal.

· If school buildings are closed due to severe weather, the district will communicate by email and phone, and on the district website, local news channels and district social media.

Our Bus Companies:

· Route #’s 10 – 37: First Student (Champlin location) 763-421-5785

· R & D Transportation (Vans) 763-767-1804 (then select #1) (RD routes)

· Halo Transportation (Vans) 763-432-6806 (FR) routes

Thank you and stay safe.

Fridley Transportation Department


Stevenson is an International Peace Site

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Nutritional Services

Hello Families,

February is Black History Month, and we will be serving some new items to our students. Nutritional Services worked with a group of High School students to plan several different menu items. On February 16th we will be serving Jollaf Rice with the Jerk Chicken. Jolllaf Rice is a rice dish from Western Africa and is made from white rice, tomatoes, onions and spices all cooked together. Next on February 23 we will be serving Gumbo with rice. Our gumbo will be made with Thousand Hills Beef Andouille Sausage (from Becker, MN). Gumbo is popular in the Southern United States, especially in Louisiana. Gumbo can be made with a variety of different meats and the High School Students were very excited that we would try this dish. The final request was Collard Greens and those will be served on February 27 or 28, depending on the school. We hope that you will encourage your students to try these menu items and experience some different flavors and cuisines.

If your families, income has changed, you can still apply for Educational Benefits (free/reduced priced meals). The application can be completed online through the Campus Portal at https://fridleymn.infinitecampus.org/campus/portal/parents/fridley.jsp If you do not have Campus Parent Portal access, paper applications can be found at your school's office or on the Nutritional Services Web Page. Please check your students lunch balance, we have quite a few students who have a negative lunch balance. If you are having trouble paying your outstanding lunch balance, please contact Kathy Backstrom at 763-502-5021 to discuss payment options. If your child is bringing a cold lunch and wants a milk, the cost is $0.55, and your child needs to have money in their account.

Interactive menus and pdf menus are posted on the Nutritional Services website. Please note that menus are subject to change due to supply chain and staffing issues. The most current menus are found on using the Titan link on the Nutritional Services web page. If you have any menu questions or concerns, please contact Renee Arbogast at 763-502-5022

R.L. Stevenson Elementary

Stevenson Elementary is an International Baccalaureate World School dedicated to nurturing students to show curiosity, be lifelong learners, and give back to their communities. Our exceptional teachers and support staff provide a welcoming environment where the classroom becomes a learning community!