My Digital Dossier.

Where have I been in the world since I was born? By: Esha 7K

How It All Started.

My digital dossier started before I was even born! You might be wondering.. How? Well i'll tell you! When i was 5 months in the womb my parents got an ultrasound of me. Once they got it they showed to some of my relatives and some close friends. Then when I was born all my information got stored in the hospital I was born in. They had everything about me my full name,gender,address,ext. Then when I was born my parents took lots of pictures of me in the hospital and when I got home.They posted the pictures on some social media sites. Ever since then they have never stopped taking pictures of me!

How It Continued.

As I got older my parents and relatives did post pictures of me online but their not the only ones that did all the work. When my parents were registering me for my first school, a lot of my information went into the schools computer system. Then when I was about 7 years old I made an account for an online game called Animal Jam. The game did ask for some personal information and I put it in. After that I made accounts for a lot of other online game sites. Then when I got a little older I started making accounts for social media and putting my information in that and posting stuff on it.

Some Of The Online Sites I Was On.

Some More Ways How It Continues.

How Does My Digital Dossier Still Continue?

My digital dossier still continues, when I walk in places that have security cameras in them they are recording me and can use that footage to see me anytime. My friends expand my digital dossier by tagging me in pictures, taking pictures with me, telling people to follow me,ext.