Lombard District 44 Update

Monthly News from Lombard District 44

Law Enforcement Drills Starting in Elementary, Middle Schools

As previously communicated, all District 44 elementary and middle school buildings either already have participated in or will soon be participating in state-mandated Law Enforcement Drills. We understand many of our parents have questions about these drills, and we wanted to provide some additional information.

Q: Why are you conducting these drills while students are present?

A: New state legislation requires students to be present when the drills are taking place.

Q: What type of information will you be sharing with my child about the drill?

A: Based on the grade-level of your child, our message will differ slightly in order to ensure we are appropriately and sensitively communicating with all age groups. Overall, though, our message to students is that we are preparing for this situation just as we would any other unfortunate event such as a fire, tornado, or severe weather. This is only to ensure we are prepared, and our local police will be present to support us with our preparation.

Q: Will students be notified that this is a drill?

A: Yes, students will know in advance that this is not a real situation and only a drill.

Q: I want more specific information about what exactly the drill will involve. Where can I go for that information?

A: For safety reasons, we do not release our emergency plans to any member of the public. However, you are encouraged to speak to your child's principal if you still have questions about the drill.

Q: Where can I go for more information about the legislation that you are referring to?

A: For more information, please click here for a summary provided by our school attorneys.

Q: When will we know whether the drill has occurred at our child's school?

A: A communication will go out from your child's principal immediately following the drill. In addition, we are working with the village to share information with all residents near our schools so they are also aware that the drill has occurred.

Drivers: Please Be Vigilant and Mindful of Our Buses

Officials in District 44 have recently been notified of several drivers who have violated our bus stop arms and stop signs. It is Illinois Law that you stop whenever a school bus has released its stop sign and stop arm and its lights have been activated.

The safety of our students is our number one priority, but we need our community's support. Please do not attempt to pass, turn in front of or go around a bus that is stopped with its lights on and stop sign released. These safety measures are occurring because children are exiting and crossing in front of the bus. We appreciate your support in keeping our students safe!

Future of 44 Forums Continue

In partnership with our local PTAs, Superintendent Ted Stec will be presenting information at each school about the construction at Glenn Westlake Middle School. A schedule of the forums is included with this communication.

In addition, we have created a section on our website where we will be providing frequent updates. Please click here to visit our website.

Lombard Hosts First District-Wide BPAC Meeting

Lombard District 44 is excited to host our first district-wide meeting of The Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee. All families are welcomed and encouraged to come. Please see the flyer for more details.

October is National Principal's Month

We all know how great our principals are, but sometimes it is nice to provide a little reminder. This October, share your appreciation and gratitude about your child's principal on Twitter using #ThankAPrincipal so we can share with our principals some of your personal stories.
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