William Penn

A strong man by Logan Morgan


William Penn and how he found Pennsylvania and how William Penn helped Pennsylvania and keep it going. William Penn got money from King Charles III to get the things he needs to sail across the ocean to find Pennsylvania. William Penn expand his land with the help of his workers and helped a little bit, but not a lot. William Penn found Pennslyvania because of some of his workers helped build the ship and because of King Charles III gave him money. William Penn found the land and expanded the new land and made it Pennsylvania.


William Penn got money from the king and sailed across the ocean to the new land and found the land because of the king gave money to William Penn. William Penn was a Quaker and Quakers did not like violence and they believe that violence was wrong, and that helped the land and the colonies. Quakers did not like guns so that helped the colonies and the new land. The king was happy because of no guns and no violence. The king was happy that the Quakers did not like guns because so the king can make the colonies to do what ever he wants the colonies to do. The colonies get crazy and go to jail.

Expand the New land

William Penn expand his land by getting money from king Charles 3 and the workers and William Penn bought land from people. William Penn got money from king Charles 3. The king was happy that he was getting money from him so more people can live on the land. William Penn got workers so he could not do it and William Penn tread with people and then sold them for money to expand. William Penn was not working the people who worked for William Penn did all of the work they made houses. William Penn did not do the work the workers did the work for William Penn.

The Ships

William Penn founded the New land for Quakers but everyone was welcome. The ships were hard to build back then but it worked for William Penn. William Penn had a plan because his workers did not do good. William Penn did find the new land so everyone can have a new house and a new farming land to grow crops. William Penn made ships and sailed off to the new land for freedom!


William Penn founded the new land sailed to the new land and then the workers expand the new land sold crows to get money. William Penn got the money and bought the free land from people. The people who live in England sailed across the ocean to live in the new land and the people did. The New England build there houses to live in. The New England people were so happy that they told more people from England and the people that lived in England sailed across the ocean and lived there. William Penn was so happy that the England people lived on his new land, but the king was not happy but William Penn did not care he was to happy about his new land and how people were living on it!