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My name is Gavin Seeley. I am a student in 12th grade at Chillicothe High School in Chillicothe, Missouri. I am currently enrolled in a composition and research class entitled English 101 taught by Dr. Jill Watkins. I decided to take this class not only to further my understanding of grammar and it's usage, but also to prepare myself for college. I will be attending the University of Missouri in the fall and double-majoring in Business and Marketing.

English 101: Class Information

College Composition and Research (English 101) is a class offered at Chillicothe High School. English 101 is offered as a dual-credit through both the high school and North Central Missouri College. As a student, I was assigned nine essays throughout the course of semester. The essays allowed follow the same process: pre-write, rough draft, peer edit, and final draft. The nine works differed in format and style, from descriptive narratives to informational summaries.


College Application Essay

In my college application essay, I used the idea of the unexpected as my topic. I talked about how the unexpected has molded me into who I am and had an affect on all aspects of my life.

"How We Believe" Narration Essay

In my narration essay, I talk about single motherhood. Talking about my past experiences, I talk about my mother raising me and my sister after the divorce.

"How We Watch" Analysis Essay

The analysis essay is about technology and it's relationship between teenagers and adults today. Overall I talk about the effects of technology on the teach ability and work rate of upcoming teenagers.

"How We Learn" Definition Essay

In the definition essay, I define what, I believe to be, the goal of education. I also talk about the effects that teacher-student relationships have on success in and out of the classroom.

"How We Work" Summary/Response Essay

In my summary/response essay, i talk about the misunderstood generation of millennials and how they are just as hardworking as previous generations.

Argumentative Essay

In my argumentative essay I defend the consumption of meat and talk about how vegetarian and vegan diets can not take the place of meat. I use facts and database sources to defend and prove my points of meat is more nutritious then other diets.

Helpful Videos

"Top 5" Tips and Tricks

This video includes some helpful advice that can make getting through Dr. Watkins' College Composition and Research class a little easier.

Successful Paper Analysis

Here I review my best paper in the class and give some feedback on what I did well and what I still need to work on.

Did you know?

This video includes facts and research about the pros and cons of meat consumption.

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