The breakthrough(technology) for the U.S in the 1800s

The Industrial Revolution


  • Eli Whitney thought the idea of using interchangeable parts and they are made in hands and he invented the milling machine.
  • Richard Arkwright created a water frame which can produce tons of cotton threads at the same time with low price.
  • A skilled British mechanic called Samuel Slater, created textile mill
Did the inventions really helped the workers?

Ryan from New York: In addition to the workload and demand for more workers came the opportunity for women to work outside of the home other than teaching and nursing, so I really like this Idea.

-So the Iron and textile industries, along with the development of steam engine and transportation, communication and banking, which improved a standard life in the United States. Even the workers are excited about this. Let us see what the world think about this, (Cooper from England)

-I think that United States gonna develop more faster than the Great Britain in the future.

Let us see what things are gonna invent in the future as Cooper thinks.


Changed working life for many Americans

  • The spread of mills in the northeast changed workers lives.
-Slater developed "Rhode Island System" the practice of hiring families and dividing work into complex tasks.

-Mill towns developed where goods and services were provided for mill workers.

  • The "Lowell System" revolutionized the textile(cloth) industry in the northeast.
-Water Powered Mills could spin thread and weave clothes

-Lowell hired young girls, unmarried

-Set factories up like towns, clean, decent pay

So, the workers organized to improve factory working conditions

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Finally Americans and Europeans invented very powerful steam boats. It enabled Americans to ship more goods farther, faster and not spending lot of money and even trade increased very fast and 500 boats created. U.S. Rapid changes in technology like new development for travelling and made connection with all of the countries in the Europe.

  • What do you think about the development of the railroads?
Johnson from Boston: I think that Robert Fulton has done a very good job and it was so hard to walk from city to city that we can't meet friends and siblings and personally I think that this was the best invention and may be in 1900s the technology will be more developed

So, as you hear latest news Robert Fulton tested his steamboat design in France, then the full sized commercial boat called Clermont was tested in the U.S. It was working well in Hudson river.

This is how the steamboats developed.


Did the Telegraphs really helped the people?

- I'm really thankful to Samuel Morse that I couldn't reach the information to my mom in Italy that my husband is mailing an important information, but now I know what to do after the Telegraphs were invented. (Isabelle from New York)

So the technology developing really fast and recently Samuel Morse invented Telegraph which we can communicate even from long distance. Worked so hard with other scientists

in a practical machine.

What did the farmers thought about the new farming equipment?

-I think it really helped me that it can cut and the thick soil ploughed without having to constantly clean the plow. (Jona from California, A farmer)

John Deere came up with is idea and it was success and now he's selling 1000 plows per year. And now Cyrus McCormick is thinking new harvesting machine which can cut down wheat and reaper and he is starting begin mass producing in Chicago Factory.

-So, We the Americans can beat the Britain in the future that the technology is developed very very fast in the Americas that this is the best country ever.


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