Chicken Little rings the school bell and yells 'THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING',and every body comes and sees nothing.Then a acorn falls on his head,and people thought he was insane because they thought that the acorn just fell on his head not the piece of the sky.


Chicken Little turns on the fire alarm and the coach yelled at him for doing it.Then the principle got on his dad cause he turned the fire alarm. he looks at his dads baseball pictures.when they get in the car Chicken Little told his dad that he wanted to play baseball like his dad did.Then he goes to the baseball game and at the very end of the game he hits the ball and gets a home run and wins the baseball game and everybody forgets about the acorn incident!


The aliens tried to vaporize the Earth because chicken little had their kid and when they knew that they had their kid they tried to give it back but they got transported to their ship.When they knew that it was just a miss understanding. Then they transported every thing back to Earth like it was before.


1.Cause is: Chicken Little yells "THE SKY IS FALLING"and the Effect is:Everybody thinks he's insane.

2.Cause is: Chicken Little wins a baseball game and the Effect is: Everybody forgets about the acorn incident.

3.Cause is:The sky is cracking Effect is:Everybody knows that chicken little told no insane lie

about the sky falling.