Mission Possible

What YOU need to know!


Day 2- SIG arrived with breakfast so early.

With food in our tummies we then won't be surly.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, the early meal is at eight.

On July the 10th which is the next date!

Tonight we will laugh at the show we will see.

At DeNeve plaza room is where we will be.

That is how we will end the day at our awesome camp, SIG-UCLA!

Help wanted:

Any counselor that knows how to add animation to a newspaper template or a word document-please see Charlie today-like as soon as you read this! Thanks!

Adam: Counselors, please sign up with Dan for Staff Talent Show!!!!!

Students will sign up for rec hour activities at lunch and we will meet for rec hour at 4:45 in front of Holly. You will sign up for your first and second preferences.

Counselors let me know what you are doing for the staff Talent show by 11:00pm tonight. If I do not have enough participation I have to draw names from a hat in Tuesday morning.

Adriane: If you would like to go to a religious services let your counselors know today so I can arrange it.

Please let me know if anyone is observing Ramadan so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Students should know where there emergency evacuation site is located.

Housemasters, Adriane should have all the signed copies of the Code of Conduct, Athletic Contract & Science Safety Contracts.

Please make sure all flight/travel tickets and passport have been given to Adriane.

Housemasters please provide me with the IN/OUT schedule and laundry schedule.

Get some rest!


Humanities Tutorial was moved to the Holly lounge 5.

Wednesday is the last day for course changes.

Working hard on schedules. Check mailboxes for them! TA’s need to see me for a notebook.

Chavon: Everyone please check your mailboxes!

Please check lost and found