Middle School Weekly Wrap Up

September 28, 2018

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Fabulous Things Happening in the Middle School!

  • Emily Sattler got accepted to present at a conference PETE & C Conference in Hershey. She is doing a Poster Session, “Tech Savvy Writing in the Content Areas”. YEAH! We are so proud of Emily!!!

  • Allison Keefe has her classroom routines in place so beautifully that no instructional time is ever wasted. Way to go!!

  • Corey McNulty ensures that his students understand directions clearly before he assigns them to a breakout room. It may take an extra few minutes but it makes the transition easier and students can start working immediately once they are placed in the room! Excellent practice!!!

  • Jamie Pratt is implementing literacy into his math lessons using Nearpod. Although he is still learning how to use this new tool he is exploring and trying new things to engage his students! Awesome job!

  • Roberta Love kept her students active and involved using breakout rooms for small group activities, and an individual room for every single student (she uses Elluminate Plan!). She had students discussing their responses to events, asking the probing ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions. Way to incorporate higher order questions and have student to student discussions!!! Super job!!

  • Mark Laser and Arlene Sheffo have been doing some great extension activities with their advanced students. They are extending the level of questioning with using the same slides as their other classes and they are allowing the students to explore additional possibilities during the lesson. Great way to extend students learning and get them thinking and learning beyond the lesson!!

  • Karen Hamburger did an interactive activity with a true and false question. After students answered true or false she divided them into two breakout rooms to work together to explain why they choose true or false and provide evidence, then she brought them all back together to share their findings! What a marvelous way to have students interact and use higher order thinking skills!!

Staff Meeting

There will be a staff meeting on Monday, October 1 at 3pm.

Use your data planning time on Monday as your one hour prep time in place of the 3-4pm time slot.


  • 10/1/18: PLT and Data Teams start
  • 10/5/18: Safe Schools PD project due
  • 10/5/18: Last day for CDT completion
  • 10/29/18: Will be an asynchronous day for students
  • Career Development course and guidance sessions will start next week, schedule will be provided to teachers for the guidance sessions.

Current Enrollment:

1431 students in middle school