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All motions were approved.


STANTEC Feasibility Study - Troxell Building Options for the Future

Mr. Michael Thompson gave a presentation about the Troxell Building which is an aging facility in the District. He reviewed existing conditions, renovation estimates and options that would relocate current operations to other sites in the District so that the site could be sold. The cost to renovate the space for its current use was projected at $32-38M. Another option that was reviewed was one that would demolish the whole existing building and build another building on site behind the current building. This would cost about $26-28M. He also presented an option to sell the Troxell Building and subdivide the property and build a new building behind it on the baseball fields with an estimated cost of $22-24M. The last option reviewed the option to relocate Curriculum and Instruction, Technology and Alternative Education to the Administration Center by adding an addition. This would cost about $8M. Food Services and Transportation would be added to the Orefield site at a cost of about $9M bringing the total cost to about $17M. In this scenario, the district would benefit from the sale of the Troxell site.

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Morning Call did a nice summary article here.

Business Meeting

The 2016-17 School District Calendar was approved and can be found here.


Carol Facchiano mentioned that the Parkland Library's renovation is impressive. She encouraged all community members to check it out.

Jef Reyburn thanked Dave Keppel and his crew for keeping an eye on the wintry roads this season to ensure the safety of our students and drivers.

Bob Bold said that Friday night's boys basketball game was one of the best he has seen. They won against Allen for the EPC championship title and will play again this weekend.

Bob Bold announced the 2016 Parkland Foundation Distinguished Alumni Wall of Honor Inductees who will be celebrated at this year's Foundation Gala on May 2, 2016. Read about them here.

Tickets are on sale for the PHS Spring Musical TITANIC. Get your tickets now by submitting your order form:

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