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Week 13 - Giving The Bird - Thanksgiving Eve Week

Don't let your voice be unheard - Don't be a turkey! Tweet It-Feel the power of connection!

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"Students can articulate the learning objective and find meaning in their learning"

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Don't forget #ReaganRays - We continue to be 'live' on our website! Folks love seeing what we are doing!

12th Week In Review...

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#ReaganRays Have been choosen to pilot new robust Google Classroom (more info soon)

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#ReaganRays continue to be 'THE SCHOOL' in LISD

Let's be clear! This honor of being highlighted goes out to each and every staff member - from those in the story as much as those not in the story - the truth remains that each and every persons' contribution adds to the culture of awesome!

Celebrate each other and know that we all know this is a collective win not individual!!!!!!

Giving Socks & Food to the Homeless (we will do again if you missed it)

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Innovation - A way of thinking... (click me)

A 2 minutes explanation that may surprise you...

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Makerspaces - What to be ready for the Challenge? Educate yourself... (click below)

Makerspaces: What Makes A Makerspace?
What is a MakerSpace?
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Coolest Song In The World For This Week

Sometimes I miss these days...surprising since I'm a technolgy fan! Change comes with living and staying relevant! It ain't about us anymore - its the new age of kids!