Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

Extra Information

Want to know a little more about our candidates? Here is some basic information on our two candidates. Barack Obama will be representing the Democratic party, and Mitt Romney will be representing the Republican party. Barack Obama is the incumbent, and has done a lot to keep our country from going into a depression the last 4 years. Romney has been the governor for Massachusetts, and he has many new things he would like to add to our country. Who do you think will win? We have a blog below to give your opinion on who our president will be.

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Obama vs. Romney


Although I do not favor either of the candidates, I believe that most of America thinks that Obama will be able to turn the country around in the next 4 years better than Romney can. I also think that many Americans are more comfortable with what they know versus voting for a candiate that hasn't been in office yet.


Along with Tanya I do not favor either candidates, but I believe that Romney will win the election because the majority of America wants change, and believe that Romney will bring many new changes to the United States. Also many people according to NBC news people are saying they feel more comfortable with Romney. I think if people feel more comfortable with Romney, then they will be more compelled to vote for him. Therefore i believe that Romney will win this election.


I am all for Romney and believe that he will win this election because he has a lot to offer. His new plan on healthcare and cutting taxes are going to greatly impact the U.S. Unlike Obama who is planning on taxing the wealthy. I believe that everyone should be taxed fairly, because if you work hard for your money, then you shouldn't have to waste it. Everyone should vote for Romney because he will improve our nation.


I am for Obama being president, and I think he will win this election. His new healthcare plan is way more thought out and organized then Romney's, and his plans make more since. He has done so much to help our country in the last 4 years, and I think that almost all the U.S. can agree that we know and understand Obama's plans much more than Romney's. Also being someone that doesn't make a lot of money per year, Obama's plan on taxing helps me greatly. VOTE OBAMA!

Political Issues

Social Issues

Barack Obama believes in abortion rights, but he wants to encourage adoption. He also believes in same-sex marriage. But Romney doesn't have many opinions on abortion rights, and he opposes same-sex marriage. Another social issue is gun control. Neither Romney nor Obama has been active on gun control. Both favor an assault-weapons ban but have done little to push for it. Romney favors keeping regulations for law-abiding gun owners to a minimum, but he does not want to overturn gun-control laws. Obama doesn’t disagree—although he wants faster and more robust background checks for gun buyers.

Health Care

Romney has a plan that he made as a governor, that he wants to share with the U.S. He wants to let states pick and choose among the rules that the federal law puts on insurance plans, such as limiting how much they can spend. Romney proposes that individuals and small businesses to join together to buy insurance coverage. He also wants to allow insurers to sell policies across state lines, this will be a change that will increase competition and lower prices. If Obama secures a second term, the Affordable Care Act will likely become our healthcare plan for the next few yers. The Affordable Care Act or "obamacare" is the plan that every one in the whole U.S. will receive health care paid by taxes. This is a very difficult task to be done, but could be very very successful.


Obama's plan for economy is to tax higher payed workers, so the middle class has more money in their pockets. Since the majority of the U.S. is middle class, then the majority of U.S. will have more money. Romney plans to cut taxes as much as possible so that everyone has more money. Also Romney and Obama have always disagreed on the proper role of government in the economy. Romney’s view is that smaller government enables private industry to create more productivity, more profits, and more jobs. Obama’s view is that government plays a critical role in correcting market failures; in investing in public goods such as roads and schools, and in regulating industries.