Fossil Ridge Photojournalism

Yahya Salim


Elements Of Composition

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Humans Of Fossil Ridge

our football team is my favorite thing no doubt we are the best team in the district and we play with class you’re not going to find any team that’s like us. - Angel Somarriba

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Yahya Salim

Camera Operations

Here are five tips to get you started with taking pictures with a professional camera.

1) On the right side of the camera there is a on and off switch. This will power your camera

2) Once you got your camera on there is a little circle on the right of the screen of the camera. If you click on the circle towards the left on the flower you can scroll through the macro modes.

3) On the bottom of the camera there is a little switch that says open. This will give you access to the batteries and the SD card. From here you can insert your SD card by pushing it down in the slot. If it doesn't go in easy flip the SD card around.

4) (Continuing from step 3) The batteries will easily slide out. To insert them back in you have to follow the symbols of to the side of spots.

5) To zoom in and out there is a wheel around the outside of the shutter button. Push the wheel to the left and right to zoom in and out.

History of photography

5 Frame Photos

Written Reflection

Photojournalism was a really fun class. I learned a whole lot of things like macro/super macro, the elements of composition, iso, shutter speed, exposure, etc. My favorite project in this class was when we started to photoshop our pictures that we have taken. It was the best thing we have ever done in my opinion because I plan to use it again in the future and make more creative photos. My least favorite project was when we had to do Humans of Fossil Ridge. It was my least favorite because some people wouldn't answer the questions in full detail which made it harder to find good quotes. I feel like this class was the only class that I learned something that caught my attention. Through out this whole school year this class was my best class!