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Who is responsible for health care affordability?

"Why is always the Flemish student is responsible for health care affordability?"

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Because that is what history teaches us the quota.

Late last century, the federal government decided to tackle the problems. In healthcare The then Minister of Health, Marcel Cola (SP), found that the cost of the pan waved off. He led the early 2000s, the so-called quota: the limitation of the number of graduates who get a Rizzio number. Such Imam number is required to be able to repay the performance. Less prescribers leads to less over-consumption, was the reasoning.

By that measure, the federal government introduced the community with a fait accompli. The former Flemish Minister of Education and fellow of Cola, Luc Van den Borsches , was initially unaware of the plans. But in Flanders, everyone agreed that it is better to limit the number of doctors inflow before they begin their medical studies. Better than after seven years of study.

The demand for an entrance examination was thus made.