January 28 News

Chandler Preschool and PDO

Health News

We have had several students and teachers out with both vomitting and diarrhea this week. Today, we had 2 toddlers who were sent home due to illness (vomiting).

At school we clean all toys and mats daily with a clorox/water solution. We make sure to spray all tables, chairs, and surfaces with the clorox solution daily to kill germs. As a preventative measure, I will be deep cleaning many of our small toys before returning them to the classrooms on Tuesday.

Please make sure if your child has a fever, is vomiting or has diarrhea, that you do not send him to school until free of symptoms for at least 24 hours.

I hope everyone has a restfull weekend! Enjoy the unusually warm weekend!

Enrollment reminder

Just a reminder that Open Enrollment to the community opens February 1. Please turn in your enrollment paperwork soon to secure your spot for next year.

Extra packets are on the nursery counter. Please feel free to get an extra packet to share with a friend. We will be having an Open House Feb 28 from 2-4 PM where current and prospective families can visit with the teachers and tour the rooms.

Email Lorie with any questions you may have. lorie@chandlerbc.org

Scholastic Book

Scholastic Book orders are due FRIDAY NOON! You can order online until Friday noon. Use online book code: NDKXR. Go to Scholastic books www.scholastic.com/readingclub

Free Star Wars book mark with all orders PLUS a free book coupon to use in February!

Check News and Email Please on Snowy Days

Just a reminder that if Kearney Public Schools OR Liberty Public Schools cancel school due to weather, so does Chandler Baptist Preschool and PDO.

Please check your email and the local news for school closings in the AM due to weather. It is also possible we could close if the road conditions are poor near church, even if schools are in session. Texts/phone calls would be made in addition to the email, in that instance. Please email Lorie your most current cell number for texting/calling if it has changed in the last year or so. Lorie@chandlerbc.org. Thank you!

Please drive safely! We hope to see everyone tomorrow!